University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Tuesday 9th October at 6pm


  • Natalie Egan – President
  • Ben Harwood – Vice President and Suspensions Rep
  • Catt Hurman – Treasurer
  • Robbie Armstrong – Social Secretary
  • Jessica Petrassi – Gigs Co-ordinator and Bristones Rep
  • Rachael Mailer – Publicity Co-ordinator
  • Ben Allen – All Sharps Rep
  • Ellie Clark – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Laura Weatherby – Top Note Rep
  • Mosef Aq – Brizzlebox Rep

In Attendance:

  • Rosie Boyce – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Ayala Gottlieb Alter – All Sharps Rep

– Liam Carty-Howe – Academy Rep

– Thomas Brennan – Musical Admin and Tone Rangers Rep

– Kaylan Patel – Social Secretary

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Read by all

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Catt is waiting to have all the evidence from what is missing from the SU account

– Everything from the 1st August onwards is missing, so it seems there has been an error on their account

– She now has all the evidence collated, and will be sending it in tomorrow


  • Catt to email this to the SU

4. Actions Update

– NatWest Signatories – in progress

– Proposal for graded contributions – in progress

– TUBBS Money in main society account – in progress

– Digitalise music library – in progress

– Write mic handover doc – done

– Nick Jones’ Invoice – in progress

– Webmaster – in progress

– Update SU membership page info – in progress

– Organise Freshers Bar Crawl – done

– Contact Balloon Bar about karaoke takeover – done

– Group Reps Membership prices – in progress

– Committee on list for SU lockers – done

– New members get Trello – done

– Don’t be racist – on the radar

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– They have had their auditions and both their call backs 

– They are making their offer decisions tonight

– Their call back songs were Trouble and Just Be

– Committee discuss the practicalities of getting into Ben’s lounge through the window

– Catt decides the best way would be feet first, with your stomach facing downwards

5.2. Pitch Fight

– They had their auditions over the weekend

– Their call backs are tomorrow

– Ellie is *really* excited to sing DOMO again

5.3. Academy

– They are having their call backs right now

– They were really happy with their auditions

– All is good

5.4. All Sharps

– They’ve had all their auditions

– Loads of people signed up after the deadline, which made for a very stressful weekend 

– The SU double booked their rooms for one of their auditions

– They’ve nearly come to their final decisions 

– Ben has just got a free month of Trello Gold for inviting Laura 

5.5. Bristones

– They had their first rehearsal yesterday 

– It went well

– There were a lot of people there

– The Anson Rooms Bar was a little small for the number of people that were there, but there isn’t really anything we can do about that

5.6. Brizzlebox

– Mo and Dempsey have had a meeting today

– They have already had a message from someone who is eager to audition

– They’ve put up their dates for auditions (this Saturday)

5.7. Top Note

– There were a lot of people, probably around 50

– It was very hot in the Stacy Room

– The interest was high, and rehearsal was good 

– A very promising start

5.8. Tone Rangers

– There were a fair few more people than expected

– Thomas is getting in touch with Felix to ask for a few tips 

6. Freshers Bar Crawl

– Its tomorrow!!

– Committee are recommended to wear their society t shirts 

– Some committee members haven’t selected going, Ben does a name and shame

– Everyone is very excited

7. Brizzlebox Workshop

– Ideally, they want this to get people interested in the auditions

– They would like to get a couple of people into the group this year

– They wanted the Anson Rooms bar, but could only get the Anson Rooms (how ironic)

– There seem to be a fair few people going on the event who aren’t existing society members, which is a good sign

8. Families 

– Nat ‘I love splitting people up’

– Robbie to make a spreadsheet of all the families, share it with the parents and the kids

– We have 75 people signed up to be children

– Only 10 sets of parents, so these are going to be nice big families

9. Auditioned groups offer process 

– First offers are now being sent out on Thursday night

– Catt had an epiphany this week

– Catt has come up with an algorithm which could make sure that people end up in the groups that they prefer, and the groups get the people they prefer

– However, this would be something that we could do in the future, not this year

– Committee discuss whether to allow people to decline an offer they’ve accepted if they receive an offer from another group which they would prefer to be in

– Small print for all groups to attach to offers: ‘If you are on the waiting list for another group and receive an offer for them, you have the right to accept this and retrospectively decline ours. However, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible’

– All rounds of offers are to have a 24-hour limit

– Also, add the families sign up link onto the bottom of the offer emails 


  • Catt to create a chat to co-ordinate the offer process

10. Membership

– Committee Members please buy membership


  • All Committee buy membership


  • Group Reps make the existing and new members of your group buy membership


  • Group Reps to send me across a list of their groups after new members have confirmed so I can add them to the spreadsheet of auditioned members 

11. Busking Mic 

– The busking mic is a bit old, and has deteriorated a lot

– Having a mic is a massive help when out busking

– Would committee be open to purchasing a new one

– Suspensions will otherwise probably purchase one for themselves 

– It does have whole society uses

12. More Microphones 

– It would be nice to complete the set of microphones 

– We currently have 11 microphones

– Therefore, every time we do a concert, we have to hire microphones 

– Eventually, the cost would balance out due to hire fees

– We are also the society that most other PAF societies come to for mic hire, and at times we have more requests than we can supply

– Committee all agree it would be a good idea to increase our number of mics

13. BOSW

– Nat and Jess had a meeting with the SU events team last Thursday

– Currently Nat is still finalising which groups are performing

– We definitely have Aquapella, Semi-Toned and all the Cardiff groups

– The Bluebelles can’t make it as not enough are free

– Including the Bristol groups, we have 15 confirmed 


  • Ben H to chase up the Illuminations 

– Potential to have standing audience instead of seating, so it would have more of a festival vibe

– This would allow all the performing groups into the venue to watch 

– Committee discuss the potential proportions of standing and seated tickets

– Also, committee talk about having different prices for standing and seated tickets 

– The STA seem to have a team to tech the show for us 

– It seems like the SU want us to use their sound team


  • Nat to email the SU events team about this 

14. AOB

14.1  All Sharps Merchandise 

– Ayala wanted any recommendations for merchandise


  • Catt to find out how much money All Sharps have in their account

14.2 All Sharps Offers

– Can All Sharps take people who are also in Academy?

– As their rehearsals don’t clash, and All Sharps don’t compete, this shouldn’t be an issue


15. Cake Rota


16. A Cappella Song Rota

Can’t Pretend – Pitch Fight