University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Tuesday 15th September at 2pm

Present (Via Zoom):

  • Alistair Manclark – President 
  • Nathan Cave – Vice President 
  • Ian Tsang – Treasurer 
  • Lucy O’Neil – Gigs Coordinator
  • Mikey Galvin – Social Secretary 
  • Jasmine Bingham – Social Secretary and Suspensions Rep
  • Laura Travis – Publicity Coordinator
  • Helena Lee – Webmaster and Bristones Rep
  • Henry Winchester – Tone Rangers Rep
  • Seb Waddington – Academy Rep
  • Laura Odemwingie – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Robbie Armstrong – Friends and Alumni Coordinator (Outgoing)


In Attendance:

  • Katie Cox – Secretary


1. Apologies 

– Laura Rouffiac – Equalities Officer and Top Note Rep

– Mark Carver – Resource Manager (Snaps for setting up Zoom premium)

– Tom Strueli – Tech Coordinator

– Ewan Wadd – All Sharps Rep


2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– People read the minutes, and Laura T even watched the Dora the Explorer Movie (she thought it was alright actually)


3. Actions Update 

– Digitalise Music Library – ongoing

– Complain about Terry – ongoing, non-urgent 

– Callout for Alumni who still want to receive our emails – ongoing

– Ali put a shoutout on FB, and hasn’t recieved any response; an email can go out later this week too

– Mark to tell Helena what needs updating, and Helena to update website accordingly – ongoing

– Helena still needs to update the website

– Ali to ask SU whether Acadapitch fundraising counts towards Gold Balloon – ongoing

– Still needs doing

– Lucy and Ali to look at smaller term one event, and booking BOSW Anson rooms – done/cancelled

– Booked BOSW for March; theatres looking to reopen in August, so may be a possibility; meeting in mid-November to get more details on this

– Smaller term 1 event won’t happen

– Ali, Nathan, Ian, Mark to meet with SU about reaffiliation – done

–  We’re oficially reaffiliated; was a useful meeting for strategic planning

– Suggestions for an ensemble song – ongoing

– Unauditioned MDs will be in position soon to help with this

4. Treasurer’s Report 

– £180 from Aquapella mic hire has come through


5. Group Reps’ Report 

5.1. Suspensions 

– Released all virtual fringe stuff and it was great!

– Released The Weather with all the ex-suspensions which was also fab!

5.2. Pitch Fight

– Not much going on, but working on releasing some new stuff

– Promo has been released on social media

5.3. Academy 

– Met up in Bristol to record their album

– The editing company have all the files, and are still waiting on the edits to come back; looking to release at end of October

5.4. All Sharps 

– Had a meeting last week, with some cool things coming up

– Working on video release of vitual song

– Talking about auditions, outfits, and recordings

5.5. Bristones 

– Will be selecting MD; not sure what is happening this year

– Only one person has applied for MD, so may do an AMD callout after they are appointed

5.6. Brizzlebox 

– Nothing to report

5.7. Top Note 

– Also selecting MD

– Aashna has a music channel on instagram that everyone should check out <3

5.8. Tone Rangers 

– Nothing to report

5.9. Rebound

– Nobody is here


6. Give it a Go Session 

– Despite us not being able to meet, we still need to do this for Gold Balloon; so need to plan this virtually

– GIAG last year ended with performances, so could showcase performances of each group

– Introduce committee, the society, and how sessions run

– Will start planning this; want to do it after Freshers’ fair

– Want to have a recorded version too

ACTION: Lucy to set up event for this for Monday 12th – 7pm

ACTION: Group Reps to submit details for their group’s section (eg recording of performance) 4th October

ACTION: Laura T to dig out videos from previous taster sessions


7. Freshers’ Week and Freshers’ Fair

– Freshers’ fair will be a virtual booth online in a music section; will be sharing a booth with groups we have a lot of crossover with

– Event is 12-8? Need to get a timetable together to have at least 2 core committee on the stall at each time

ACTION: Katie to complete a doodle poll for timetable to complete by 4th October


8. Term 1 Situation 

8.1. Room Bookings 

– Nathan has applied for them about a month ago, but hasn’t had any response

– SU don’t seem to know what is going on; the uni have said building will be COVID secure, so hopefully they will open it

– Have said as soon as they know they will let us know

– Need 10L of air per person for singing rehearsals based on guidlines, so only Anson would be big enough for unauditioned; some more options for auditioned groups

8.2. Unauditioned and Auditioned Groups 

– Rule of 6 means we can’t run rehearsals, despite our affilitation with the uni

– If we can get exempt from this, still need at least 10L of air per person, and the only room with that much volume is AR5, AR6, and AR2-bar; if the SU can give us an AR slot, then this will go straight to Bristones, as this will give the most opportunity for the society to continue as normal

– If we get Carpenter, Stephenson, or Gromit, then so long as Bristones is sorted, these should be given to larger auditioned groups

– Have to deal with what we have been given, which will likely not be enough

– Vic rooms aren’t doing external bookings at the moment

– Smaller rooms could be given to auditioned groups for sectional rehearsals

– Want to try and allow Top Note and Tone Rangers to get rooms, and hopefully this will be fine with smaller rooms due to lower numbers; there will be significantly less rehearsal time than last year

ACTION: Ali to ask about room bookings at Vic rooms

8.3. Auditions 

– Currently don’t have room bookings, so don’t know how this is going to work

– Leave to each group to decide how they are going to work their auditions

– Can hire an outside venue to host auditions if they need to, so long as social distancing is maintained

– Can give people a timeslot to help maintain social distancing

– Have MD, AMD, one person on door, and another peson on panel; with the auditionee, that is 5 people, and thus under 6

– Auditioned groups to use these guidelines when organising auditions to help society stay within legal guidelines

– Auditions likley to be no earlier than October 9th; should also be after taster session

8.4. Using Zoom 

– Need to prepare for likelihood of doing things electronically if no rehearsals can take place at all. Eg, using teach tracks, etc

– Find people with recording software to help with this

– Dropin sessions to record parts in groups of six for unauditioned groups so people don’t feel exposed


9. Socially Distanced Socials  

 – Want to keep engagement up, and everyone is completely Zoomed out, so want to look at other ways to do socials

– Mikey and Jaz put out a survey

-A few people did say they wanted a quiz, so this could be done for those who want one

– Having different events with groups of 6 or 4 so people could meet new people (like a family social, but with  new people every couple of weeks)

– UK A Cappella speed dating was apparently a success, so could model off this for an event

– Socially distanced scavenger hunt of some sort

– Software for virtual graduation allowed tables of 4 or 6, and people could move around; uni might be buying a licence for it, so if they do this would be good

– Families to be set up too, and have had some good responses so far


10. AOB 

 10.1. Membership Fees

– Difficult to charge our normal price without offering the normal services

– Budgetting so far has been done based on £8 for both terms

– Should still charge for term 1 regardless of if we meet in person to maintain income, but would be good to do a kind of ‘free trial’

– Need to consider that Freshers’ won’t want to pay £5 for something when they don’t think they will get anything out of it

– Need to have some kind of income for if we can have BOSW later on

– For unauditioned groups, people only needed to pay membership to perform anyway, not to come along

– If we aren’t having a performance in term 1, no need for them to pay for term 1; can still pay for term 2

– Bulk of our income isn’t from membership anyway, so Ian thinks we don’t need to worry too much about this from this perspective

– If we go for a virtual concert, do we make people pay for this?

– Unauditioned and auditioned likely to be impacted the same, so if we charge for one we need to charge for both

– Decided first term will be free, and second term can have a fee if performances can go ahead; optional £5 year membership, but 1st term can be free as another option; need people to pay membership to peform in virtual performances; auditioned members will be asked to pay; will review again after Christmas

– Lowering membership from £8 to £5 due to reduced services

10.2. Updating Website

– Needs to be done before Freshers’ fair so that everything is functioning when potential members want to look

– Ali asking SU for Gold Balloon video they made during Nat’s presidency, but they are being slow with that; would be good to put up on website/Facebook as part of the ‘taster’

ACTION: Group reps to look at their section on the website, and message Helena with anything they want updating

10.3. Alumni Coordination

– A lot of final years didn’t get their last year properly due to COVID, so the society could try and include Corona alumni a bit more this year: attending socials, etc

– Something for social secs to think about

– Wanted a sendoff/leavers’ social previously, but that isn’t viable now anyway

– Definitley a good idea to keep people involved

– Can include alumni in a virtual project this year too

– Alumni Facebook group might be an idea too

– Will give the option for unauditioned members who want to stay involved to do so, despite there not being a specific alumni group for them

– Will keep alumni relevant stuff in one place

– Optional, and people don’t have to be added to it straight away when they leave

– Include president, alumni coordinator, and publicity

ACTION: Robbie to callout on the group about creating an alumni group to gather interest

– Could have a social specifically for alumni, including a cappella history; would encourage people to join the alumni group, and get more involved

11. Cake Rota 

 – Laura T made Biscoff bread and took it to her new neighbours (snaps for being a good citizen)

– Lucy made lemon and poppy bread

– Katie made fudge

12. A Cappella Song Rota 

 – Bristol Suspensions – The Weather

Pitch Fight Promotional Video – Full Release 26/09

– Honourable mention: Tune Army – Behind closed doors