University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Friday 11th December at 5pm


  • Tristan Bradshaw – President
  • Hannah Last – Secretary
  • Alice Mennell – Quartets
  • Karen Lillywhite – Gigs Coordinator
  • Matthew Belsey – Publicity
  • Iain Hallam – TUBBS A Cappella MD

In Attendance:

  • Dan Mailer – Vice President

1. Apologies

– Megan Cote – Librarian

– Lauren Garner-Jackson – Social Sec

– Rafaella Barratt – Suspensions Merger Coordinator

– Hannah Jones – Ensembles Coordinator

– Seb Watts – Treasurer

– Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

– That song that goes doo doot doot doo t doot

– The electronic kinda one

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Dan is unsure whether anyone actually read them, so asks Committee

– Karen says she scanned them to make sure she wasn’t doing cake, as did Matt. Therefore they didn’t read them

– Karen’s reading them now

– Committee remembers the jokes from yesterdays Christmas crackers

– They’re too terrible to put here so Dan kindly decides not to recount them to save boring the readers of the minutes

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Seb isn’t here yet

4. Quartet Report

– “Ksdk;vsdkjdsjnk”, Dan splutters

– Nothing to report

5. Actions Update

– No one present really had any actions so we might have to come back to it when Tristan and Seb are here cause they’re the only ones with actions

–  Dan ponders why committee are discussing cars…

–  Dan decides that there’s no point discussing the remaining agenda items cause they’ll take like 4 seconds so we might as well wait for Tristan

– Therefore he paints a picture of committee (work in progress)


6. Tour Coordinator

– Lauren asked Roxane Kamaroudis if she wants to be tour coordinator

– Dan realises we have to actually vote her in

– Not enough people are here to do an actual vote so Dan does one on facey-b

– What next? ‘She starts organising tour’ – Hannah L

– We should invite her to committee meetings next term and let her know what she’s actually got herself in for hahaha

– Karen decides to be really indie and abstains for the vote

ACTION: Tristan to tell Roxane what she has to do

7. Christmas concert review

– We coped well despite the last minute disruption to the programme

– To clarify, Pitch Fight pulled out like 20 mins before cause some members didn’t turn up

– Revs turned up really late, which was kind of stressful

– Iain says it was a good gig

– There was quite a lot of people (120!) Revs probably bring a fair amount of people into the concert

– We made like £394.71 minus refreshments costs

– There was a guy who came (sat right at the front) who saw HotTUBBS carolling at Royal York Crescent.

– Karen suggest we have flyers/business cards for people like him

– We could even have generic flyers with a space wherein we can write what our next gig is. We can print out stickers

– We discussed this ages ago for business cards but then didn’t come to a conclusion as to whether we could get society cards or group-specific cards.

– Dan ponders where Tristan might be, as apparently Dan is impatient for cake

– We could have flyers with all the groups on one side

– On the other side, half advertising the society and a space that’s blank where we can stick upcoming gigs stickers

– Tristan finally decides to show up but he brought homemade lemon drizzle cake so committee considers forgiving his lateness

– Alice puts her mitts all over it #disgusting – Dan Mailer 2015

– Dan is in awe of the warmth of the cake

– Seb would like to know how much to donate to the church. We’ll donate £75

ACTION: Karen to email the church telling them this and also talk to seb asking how we pay them. We may need an invoice

8. Times of committee meeting

– 12-2 on a Sunday is the only time on a Sunday that everyone is free. Literally the only time.

– Hopefully Roxane can make it too.

– OFFICIAL DECISION!!! Committee meetings are going to be at 12-2 on Sundays next term.

– Also committee decides that this is the last meeting of this term

9. Upcoming Events

9.1 Movie night

– It’s tonight!

– It should be done by 10.

– Hannah L and Dan are running it apparently haha

– If they have a DVD player then we can use the DVDs that Iain has

9.2 Blenheim House

– ‘I was an idiot’ – Karen

– It was supposed to be on Wednesday but Karen forgot

– Bless all the old people who were probably just sat there waiting

– They emailed on the 7th asking whether all was well

– Karen didn’t reply

– We don’t think it was ever confirmed by Karen to HotTUBBS as an official gig

– Karen needs to ring them and apologise


  • Karen to do that

– We won’t have time to go see them before Christmas so we’re gonna have to offer a date for them after Christmas

10. AOB

10.1 Plymouth Uni A Cappella peeps

– They emailed us asking us when HXUK was

– We can tell them to keep watching the HXUK website and twitter for anything happening in 2017


  • Tristan to email them back just telling them to keep an eye on this

10.2 Restructuring of the society

– We need to start discussing and sorting this

– Everyone t0 please go away over Christmas and come up with a list of things that they think need to be done or be discussed.

– We can then have ideas from everybody and come up with the best thing

– We may need a separate committee meeting to just talk about this


  • Everyone to start thinking about this


  • Hannah L to do a doodle poll to schedule this separate meeting

10.3 Society Run events and membership

– Some older members of TUBBS have not payed membership yet.

– They shouldn’t be able to come to our events without having payed membership

11. Date of next committee meeting

– Hannah L to do a doodle poll

– But probs the 24th Jan

12. Cake rota

– Iain