University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting –  Monday 8th at 7:30pm


  • Dan Mailer – Vice President
  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Social Secretary
  • Alice Mennell – Quartets
  • Megan Cote – Librarian
  • Karen Lillywhite – Gigs Coordinator
  • Matthew Belsey – Publicity
  • Iain Hallam – TUBBS A Cappella MD
  • Matthew Belsey – Publicity

In Attendance:

  • Hannah Last – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Karen Lillywhite – Gigs

– Seb Watts – Treasurer

– Tristan Bradshaw – President

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– They aren’t on the website because Hannah is lazy

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Seb isn’t here

4. Quartet Report

– Alice made it to a committee meeting! Committee rejoices!

5. Actions Update

– People have stuff to doooooo


  • Music team to post timings for rehearsals on the Sunday before the rehearsal, with the section leaders reminding them of timings

6. Socials

6.1 Scavenger Hunt

– It’s supposed to be partly cloudy

– 4-9% chance of rain, though Dan thought it was 49% chance, so chances of costumes disintegrating is slightly diminished

6.2 Spring Concert afterpartay

– Not the Quadrant

– Channings

– The Mall

– Summerset house

– Union

– Richmond

– These are all in the running, who will win? Only time will tell… 

6.3 Ball

– Lauren hasn’t heard back from the Corbin

– He hasn’t accepted her friend request either………

– We still don’t think that the Square has been paid

– Lauren emailed and awkwardly asked if they’d been paid and the corkage fees etc



  • Dan is going to post about the deadline on the society FB page

– Dan has a question about the meal

– ‘Are the tables like long or are they round?’ – Fascinating stuff 

– However this isn’t really our top priority

– Matt wanted to come as a flapper girl, but Dan won’t allow it 

– We need to make sure people actually know it’s happening

– Steve Harris is now a member of the Union. Thank god for that. Hannah’s fave UoB A Cappella alumni 

7. Concert deets

– We don’t have a venue at the moment

– We could potentially use the Anson rooms?

  • The capacity is like 1000
  • With tables its 250
  • But they have a gig on that night
  • St Pauls will be used if all else fails


  • Dan to check if Dance are actually using the Anson rooms on the Saturday

– Academy are doing it

– Pitch fight needs to be confirmed

– Are HotTUBBS doing it? Dan says probably

– Megan is in the World Record for Slutty French Maid costumes at 831 people

– Dan could top that single-handedly 

8. Tour

– If we go to France for 5 days in mid July, it would be £215 per person, taking into account last weeks exchange rate

– That would just be accommodation

– There are 11 free venues

– Travel would be like £85 – Plane from here to Paris and then train to Avignon

– Committee would like there to be a McDonalds nearby, preferably 24 hours


  • Roxane to look into Bus or Eurotunnel

– We need to check the dates

– It might be too late for Fringe

– Megan is going to spend £700 in Lounge on Friday

– Lauren sheds a tear, as she probably wont be able to make tour :’(

9. Upcoming Events

9.1 Rag Raid

– Dan reads the email very beautifully, it bought a tear to Hannah’s eye 

– Basically we would go to Bath and busk to raise money for some awesome charities

– There might be prizes

– 12th March

– We could offer this to TUBBS


  • Dan and Raf that are MDs for the groups need to ask the groups if they are freeeeee

9.2 Round Table

– Its quite far away

– We need to know how long they want us to sing for and how much we may or may not be paid


  • Karen to email them and look on the Trello for the deets

10. AOB

10.1 Folder deposits

– Some people that have folders have not paid for membership

– Some of these people it turns out have paid Seb for membership


  • Seb to tell Hannah if people have paid him for membership

10.2 Scavenger Hunt costumes

– Hannah – Wall-E

– Lauren – Jesse

– Matthew – Genie

– Raf – TBC

– Megan – Minnie Mouse

– Dan – Hannah Montanna, as was decided in the Committee meeting

10.3 Date for the Ensembles showcase

– Possibly 7th June

– This would be organised by Giglicity and Music admin from the next committee

10.4 Alumni

– People might give us some money

10.5 Dan’s Family

– Dan then discusses his family

10.6 Cake

– Seb, as he couldn’t come and do cake this week