University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Friday 22nd November at 6pm


  • Jessica Petrassi – President 
  • Emily Hall – Secretary (via phone)
  • Ian Tsang – Publicity Co-ordinator and Academy Rep
  • Nathan Cave – Treasurer and Brizzlebox Rep
  • Alistair Manclark – Social Secretary
  • Laura Travis – Social Secretary
  • Lucy O’Neill – Gigs Co-ordinator
  • Helena Lee – Webmaster and Bristones Rep
  • Alice Smethurst – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Caleb Evans – All Sharps Rep
  • Emily Khatib – Rebound Rep

In Attendance:

  • Rosie Boyce – Vice

1. Apologies

– Maurice – Resource Manager and Suspensions Rep

– Joseph Dale – Webmaster and Tone Rangers Rep

– Sasha Eastabrook – Pitch Fight Rep

– Laura Rouffiac – Top Note Rep

– Robbie Armstrong – Friends and Alumni Co-ordinator

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Ali is playing on tinder

– Everyone except for Laura has read the minutes

3. Actions Update

– Digitalise music library – happening first week of December

– Pitch Fight repair amp – no longer relevant

– Update YouTube – no longer relevant

– Stamps for BOSW – done

– Group reps explain bursary to group – in progress

– Call out for ball committee – done

– Book SU room for Bright Network event – done

– Make BOSW Ticket Link – done

– Advertise friends and alumni – done

– Book Stacy for unauditioned on 29th  done

– We now only have two outstanding actions – the lowest on Rosie’s entire time on committee 

4. Treasurer’s Report

– The society got the alumni grant – £332 for the condenser mic, an SD card and a flight case <3

– Soon we will be able to let the groups use this for their own endeavours

– *snaps for Nathan*

– We have a mic rental going out in Feb

– All three competitive groups have used their group grant on their ICCA fee

– All the other groups still have £100 they can use during the year

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– They have started their BOSW song and the choreo for it

– Jonny is coming to a rehearsal to work on music with them

– They are busking tomorrow morning

– They are doing their photo shoot next weekend

5.2. Pitch Fight

– They have learned their BOSW arrangement and started the choreo

– Emily & Rosie have headshots tomorrow, the rest of the group have theirs next week

– They’ve ordered some hats!

– They did their first busking session last weekend and made money woo!

– They are also taking applications for new committee members

– The first Acadepitch social was on Tuesday at Mrs Potts

5.3. Academy

– They’ve started choreo for their BOSW song

– They are recording Big Girls this weekend

– Ordered jumpers and are ordering bobble hats

– They are currently introducing their newbies on social media

5.4. All Sharps

– They have almost finished the BOSW song, just getting it off music

– Went through all of their choreo today

5.5. Bristones

– They have finished the McFly medley

– They’re doing it off music next week

– *Committee discover that Jess doesn’t know McFly, or the Cha Cha slide. Rosie plays the Cha Cha Slide on the Alexa*

– They are all wearing black to perform

– There are 40 people performing!!

5.6. Brizzlebox

– They’ve finished the Avicci medley

– They have an extra rehearsal next week to prepare

5.7. Top Note

– They’ve finished their choreo!

– There are 20 of them

– Lucy loves the group <3

– They’re starting their Xmas song

– Wearing all black with some pink for BOSW

5.8. Tone Rangers

– They’ve nearly finished their song

– They have some choreo

5.9. Rebound

– Emily is HERE!!!

– They have many newbies: Becs, Charlotte Trigg (happy birthday Charlotte), Ellie Clark, Alfie Davies & Ben Harwood

– Emily is shocked that there are now 10 people in the group

– They are singing Still Feel for BOSW

6. Christmas meal

– There are currently 7 tickets left

– Ali & Laura are planning to have a theme, they will release this soon

7. Christmas concert promo & name

– Committee are still working with Nightline on this

– We need to choose a name ASAP so Ian can create all the promo to be released straight after BOSW


  • Ian to make a poll for name 

8. Amp

– The amp was already slightly broken

– Now it is completely broken, and we need to replace it

– Jess wants the amp to be checked before it is used, and then we know who has responsibility for fixing it


  • Order a new busking amp

– Committee are trying to remember whether the amp purchased last year came with one or two mics

– It would also be great if there were more mics to go with the busking amp, as groups always have to make odd decisions about the number of people to put on parts

– Alice requests that the location of the busking amp is kept at the same location all the time, and if this is in the SU locker that there is a sign in/sign out sheet


  • Jess to make a sign-up sheet for requesting use of the amp at certain times so we don’t have issues with groups wanting to use it at the same time 

9. Equalities update

– Lucy wanting to write the survey over Christmas, and then put it out in first term in January 

– There is somewhat of a feeling of separation from people in the unauditioned groups and the auditioned groups

– Committee discuss ways to potentially address this


  • Social Secs to put on a singing skills workshop in February


  • Organise a stag night/hen-do social

10. Countdown to BOSW

– Everyone has sent Lucy everything!

– Shout out to Kaylan for all his help with the housing – what a superstar

– Make sure to message the people you are hosting!

11. Booking events for next year (i.e. BOSW)

– We want to book the Anson Rooms for BOSW next year


• Lucy to fill in the application form for BOSW 2020


  • Lucy and Jess to bring this up with Grace

12. Student council outcomes

– Jess went to student council yesterday evening

– As what the president votes for represents the whole society, she wants the society to be made aware of what the outcomes are

– Jess has suggested that this continue with future Student Council meetings

– Ali suggests that in future the committee discuss the motions before the meetings and decide what our voting plan should be for the Council


For anyone who may not know- Jess as president attends student councils and votes as the representative of our society.


1. Give volunteers a voice- Jess voted yes and it was approved.

2. Care leavers and Estranged students terms and conditions- Jess voted yes and it was approved.

3. Bye law and Articles of association changes- Jess voted yes and it was approved.

4. Move the welcome fair to a time accessible to all- Jess voted yes and it was approved.

5. Support student housing cooperatives- Jess voted yes and it was approved.

6. Support the student climate strikes- Jess voted yes and it was approved.

7. Climate crisis and food, ban beef and lamb and introduce dairy tax- Jess voted against it and it was rejected.

8. Sanctuary scholarship legal funds- Jess voted yes and it was approved.

9. Ensuring inclusive and safe student groups- Jess voted yes and it was approved.

10. Let’s disarm Bristol, lobby the university to tie ends with arm trade companies- Jess abstained and the motion was approved.

‘Anyone with any questions, or would like to know why I voted what for each motion, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will happily go into more detail’ -Jess

13. Membership update

– Helena sent Emily a list of everyone from unauditioned who is performing in BOSW

– There are still a few members from many groups who haven’t purchased membership


  • Jess to message the SU to help with the issues with associate membership

14. AOB

14.1 Non-drinking social

– The society need to have one more before the end of term

– It would be nice to have a Christmas movie night in the last week of term


  • Rosie to book a venue for this

14.2 BOSW Photographer

– Laura’s course mate is doing the photography

– We have booked her for 3 hours


  • Jess to ask if she could do photos at the afterparty

– Nathan asks if she could have a platform of some sort, due to the height of the Anson Rooms stage

14.3 Committee Suggestion Box

– MTB have a suggestion box that people can put suggestions for things that should be discussed in meetings

– However, most of the things that go in the suggestion box aren’t particularly helpful

– Committee agree that it would still be a good idea

14.4 Ushers and FOH team for BOSW

– Lucy has two people already

– We need about 8 in total

– If people have friends who want to do this, message Lucy 

15. Cake Rota

  • Ian

16. A Cappella Song Rota

  • Greedy by The After School Specials