University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Sunday 15th December at 11am


  • Jessica Petrassi – President
  • Lucy O’Neill – Gigs Co-ordinator
  • Nathan Cave – Treasurer and Brizzlebox Rep
  • Laura Rouffiac – Top Note Rep
  • Helena Lee – Webmaster and Bristones Rep
  • Ali Manclark (ish) – Social Secretary
  • Maurice Brook (sleeping) – Resource Manager and Suspensions Rep
  • Ian Tsang (via video) – Publicity Co-ordinator and Academy Rep

In Attendance:

  • Rosie Boyce – Vice President

1. Apologies

– Laura Travis – Social Secretary

– Emily Hall – Secretary

– Emily Khatib – Rebound Rep

– Caleb Evans – All Sharps Rep

– Joseph Dale – Webmaster and Tone Rangers Rep

– Tom Streuli – Tech Co-ordinator

– Robbie Armstrong – Friends and Alumni Co-ordinator

– Sasha Eastabrook – Pitch Fight Rep

– Alice Smethurst – Pitch Fight Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Everyone read the minutes

3. Actions Update

– Digitalise music library – should be completed post-January exams

– Fill in application form for BOSW 2020 – non-urgent

– Social Secs to put on a singing skills workshop in February – non-urgent

– Organise a stag night/hen do social – non-urgent

– Order a new busking amp – done

– Book a venue for Xmas movie social – no longer relevant

– Book the Stacy Room from 6:30pm on 16th  – done

– Contact La Rocca for Xmas Concert Social – done

– Contact SU to try and book 3rd Feb Pegg for Give it a Go – done


  • Chase up the SU re: Give it a Go booking

– Figure out extra unauditioned rehearsals – in progress

– Apply for Society of the Month – in progress

– Create seating plan for Xmas meal – done

– Write quiz for Xmas meal – done

– Edit handover doc to add BOSW membership deadline – in progress

4. Treasurer’s Report

– Xmas Meal: we spent £868 and received £825 in tickets. Therefore, we lost £43, but we had fun!

– Snaps for social secs for a really fun night

– The busking amp arrived – it was £168.

– We now have an account with Gear4Music where we can get invoices – thank god

– BOSW: Online we made £1678 on ticket sales; on the door, we made £416. That is just under £2100 in total – snaps for committee for a fantastic BOSW

– We are still waiting for the security invoice

– Therefore, total costs are approximately £1350, equalling a profit of approximately £750

– Final day to process invoices is 11am on 19th December. The SU return on 6th Jan

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– They had their Ronald McDonald Charity busking yesterday

– They are starting a new song today

– They have learned I’m With You for the Xmas Concert

5.2. Pitch Fight

– They are learning their final ICCA arrangement

– Have finished their choreo for the Xmas show

– They got business cards and notebooks

5.3. Academy

– They are learning choreo for their second ICCA song

– They got their new jumpers

– They recorded Bang Bang Bang for their album

5.4. All Sharps

– They had a great time doing Ronald McDonald busking yesterday

– They are ready and excited for the Xmas Show

– They will hopefully be getting merch over Christmas

5.5. Bristones

– They had an extra rehearsal on Friday

– They finished the song!

– They are struggling with getting people to learn it, so might have to have phones on stage 

– They might hold black folders with their phones in front

5.6. Brizzlebox

– They are doing the Avicci medley for the Xmas Show again 

– Their second piece is a beatbox battle: oldies vs. newbies

– Ian & Nathan are doing a workshop at the CoachBright graduation ceremony on Tuesday

5.7. Top Note

– Had an extra 2-hour rehearsal on Friday 

– They’ve got the song down and sounding fab 

– They’re also going to sing Cheap Thrills again

5.8. Tone Rangers

– They are singing Old Town Snow at the Xmas Show 

– Jess refuses to neigh in public, Laura T is more than happy to

5.9. Rebound

– Rebound have been rehearsing for the Christmas concert where they’ll be performing Tessellate!

– Will and Spencer can’t make it sadly, but they are performing anyway!

– Scott has just told them he’ll be leaving the group as he’s leaving Bristol so tomorrow will be his last gig for the near future!! Committee is sad because we love Scott

6. Refresher’s Fair Update 

– The SU are giving priority to smaller societies that don’t have enough members 

– There is less funding for the Refreshers Fair so there is less capacity

– “Oh shit, I forgot to FaceTime Ian in” – Nathan, being a great friend

– There are also no performances being allowed on the stage

– It is unfortunate as the Refreshers Fair is really helpful to get more involvement in Bristones

– Jess suggested that we have a group busking in front of the SU for about an hour during the fair so that we can create awareness of our society 


  • Jess to ask if we can have some society members at the fair to flyer


  • Suspensions and All Sharps to find out if they are available to busk in front of the SU 

7. Equalities Officer

– Lucy wants to make Equalities Officer a core committee role

– Committee suggest that we could just make this an item at this years’ AGM 

– However, we could also run an EGM for this item

– A Cappella haven’t done this before as they have individual group reps, so each group is already represented on the committee by someone they can talk to 

– We need to assess how much work the Equalities Officer has to do compared to the other Core Committee roles and whether it is necessary to be a core committee role 

– Lucy makes the point that because she is Gigs Coordinator as well as equalities, it is not necessarily clear to members that she is the person to go to with any equality issues

8. Christmas Equality Survey

– Lucy is planning to put the survey out in January

– Nathan recommends that she use Typeform due to the issues with GoogleForms

– Nathan suggests that it come out over the Xmas holidays 


  • Lucy to put out equalities survey over the Xmas holidays

– Jess reminds committee that all the information that is in the equalities survey is confidential and not to be discussed outside of committee meetings

– Also, we need to push members to fill in the survey so we can accurately track improvements and Lucy can write a comprehensive report

9. Future Quest outreach project 

– Nathan got an email from Future Quest saying they want people from universities to come and give presentations about their societies to school students 

– Nathan already has a speech and a workshop, so has volunteered to go and do this again


  • Nathan to apply for this scheme

10. Extra hours for unauditioned groups in January

– Group reps for unauditioned groups sorting out which slots they would like to use

– Brizzlebox and All Sharps don’t want extra regular bookings

11. BOSW 2020 application

– Lucy doesn’t know whether you can apply for things next year using that form, as it’s the academic year form 

– Jess is planning to email Grace to ask for the long booking form for BOSW


  • Jess to email Grace re BOSW 2020

12. Christmas Concert

– Committee agree that if the concert doesn’t make much profit to top up the money to the charity with up to £100 from the BOSW profits 


  • Callout for Ushers for the Christmas show

13. Christmas concert social

– There are over 100 performers but only 80 people have been invited to the event

– It needs to be promoted by group reps to their members

– Also social secs need to confirm what the prices etc. are for entry to La Rocca


  • Social secs to update the description

– We need to ensure that group reps make sure to invite their members to socials as not everyone is being invited

14. AOB

14.1 Thank you

– Jess sends a massive thank you to Ian and Nathan for representing our society at the Coach Bright Graduation Event

– *Big snaps to the beatboxing boys*

15. Cake Rota

  • Laura Rouffiac

16. A Cappella Song Rota

  • Karma – Nor’easters