The committee is responsible for the overall running of the society. You can contact the committee by email or post.

To find the musical directors responsible for organising music and rehearsals for each of our groups, go to our musical directors page.

The committee has regular meetings every week. The minutes for these meetings are publicly available here. Elected committee members also have access to our committee resources.

Committee 2017-2018

Elected Committee

President Matthew Belsey
Vice-President Lauren Garner-Jackson
Me for website
Treasurer Cem Rifat
Cem for Website Actual
Secretary Beth Davies
Social Sec. Natalie Egan
Natalie for Website
Gigs Co-ordinator Eleanor Leaper
Eleanor for website
Publicity Co-ordinator Charlotte Regan
Musical Admin Ella Horne
Ella for website
Friends and Alumni Co-ordinator
(co-opted, observing)
Catt Hurman

Tech Co-ordinator
(co-opted, observing)
Position Open
Equality Officer
(co-opted, observing)
Olivia Witts
Refreshments Co-ordinator
(co-opted, observing)
Jon Alston
(co-opted, observing)
Robbie Armstrong

Group Reps

Academy Ed Walker
All Sharps Sam Butler
Pitch Fight Rhianna Roberts
The Bristol Suspensions Charlotte Regan
The Tone Rangers Thomas Brennan
Top Note Ella Horne
Ella for website
The Bristones Jessica Petrassi
Brizzlebox James Dempsey

Previous Committees

Committee 2016-2017

Committee 2015-2016