University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Saturday 23rd April at 2pm


  • Joe Pickin – Vice-President
  • Matthew Belsey – Treasurer
  • Helen Frawley – Publicity Co-ordinator
  • Jess Kim – Social Secretary
  • Justine Laurain – Musical Admin
  • Rafaella Barratt – Suspensions Rep
  • Nicolas Audinet – Academy Rep
  • Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Iain Hallam – Mixed Chorus Rep

In Attendance:

  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Dan Mailer – President

– Tash Orchant – Gigs Co-ordinator

– Karen Lillywhite – Upper Voices Rep

– Tristan Bradshaw – Lower Voices Rep

– Sam Butler – HotTUBBS Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Everyone read them!

– Committee appreciated the emojis on the website 

– It transpires that Mr Belsey lied to me in the meeting and did not in fact read the minutes  And I thought we were onto a winner this year!

3. Treasurer’s Report 

– Seb has handed over but the Union hasn’t sent over the forms yet, so we’re a bit in limbo, but it should be fine if Matthew needs to sign anything off… hopefully…

4. Actions Update

– Dan knows he has a few outstanding actions alright so he’ll do em tomorrow!

– Matthew had a dream last night that him and Dan were talking about Ben not sorting the TUBBS Tour recordings – there were death threats apparently!

– The Survive charity concert was last night and Dan didn’t tell the members about it… #shitprez (get it trending )

5. Group Reps’ Report

– We have a full set of Reps now, but Susps and TUBBS need to re-elect in the new year because of the current Reps’ commitments

– The reps are introducing themselves – how exciting!

– Academy needs to recruit new people next year but still need to find a way to encourage them to join

– Pitch Fight still have people coming to rehearsals! Yay! As they now can’t do the joint concert with Academy, they might do their own performance, maybe a lunchtime concert or half an hour in the Balloon Bar

– Pitch Fights MDs for next year are being decided soon

– Susps have their shows next Friday and Saturday and the Mind Your Head workshop on Wednesday

– Their Liquid Fifth recording is at the end of May

– Susps tour is sorted! The venue seats about 80 which is a bit of a step up from last year

– TUBBS is still deciding about tour for this year, but progress needs to be made soon

– HotTUBBS might just do the Showcase this year – we wanna hear the Flyyyyyyyy Medleyyyyyyyyy!

6. Handover

– Dan wanted to know if everyone’s handover was ok

– Matthew Belsey 2k16 – ‘Nah it was shit’

– Dan’s was very thorough with Joe – it ran over an hour and Dan had to leave!

7. VoiceFest Travel Grant

– Raf applied for the full amount for the travel grant (£430) but it wasn’t all spent so some of it could maybe be spent on ICCA costs and Ubers from Voicefest (Dan is owed £20 for an uber kthx)

– People could pay back the money they got from the Susps’ account and then be repaid using the grant so it’s been made full use of


  • Raf and Matthew to go and talk to the Union about VFUK grant

8. TUBBS MD Auditions

– Dan says he is going to send out an email tomorrow


  • Dan to send the email about TUBBS MD Auditions

9. TUBBS MD Panel Selections

– Dan will also mention this in his email

– Aliak has said she wants to be on the panel. We need one more MD. Dan will pester the MDs

– Dan needs to do his Trello actions!

10. MDs Workshop

– We should have an MDs workshop at the end of the year for all the outgoing and incoming MDs to share experience.

– Wednesday 8th June has been suggested

– Committee would like to know when in the day Dan was thinking? Evening, all-day?

– Committee likes the idea, but Joe does not want it to last a whole day!

– We need to add Raf’s Dad to Committee and Trello as Society Photographer

– Could the individual groups have their own individual workshops? It would probably be better to have a mixed one so people can learn from everyone’s experiences.

– A date could be chosen that works for everyone once MDs have been selected?


  • Dan to post in MDs fb group about MD workshop

11. Unnecessary Co-opted Positions (save until next week)

12. Megan’s Resignation

– We just need to accept Megan’s resignation as Alumni Co-ordinator since she is graduating this year

– Committee’s cool with it 

13. Joint Committee Social

– Jess says ‘yayyy’

– Jess might do a Doodle Poll to find out when people are free but that might be tricky to get about 20 people to fill it in

– Raf suggested the Locked In A Room type idea or crazy golf, or we could just get pissed! 


  • Jess to find a time for joint committee social

Vote on which club we should go to during the social

– Lola Los – 2

– Lounge – 6

– RON – 0

– Abstain – 2

– Lounge wins by an ‘overwhelming’ majority

14. Academy

– Academy have stopped rehearsing for the year

– Nick and Seb are the MDs for next year, and Nicolas Audinet is the Academy Rep

– They want to record Don’t Cha by the end of the year

– See group rep report

– We want an aca-council!

– Committee might want to introduce something whereby people not already in an auditioned group are prioritised for the groups in auditions to make sure people are committed to and available for rehearsals, or this could at least be encouraged

– It has become a bit of an issue with Academy that members are not able to make rehearsals because they are prioritising other things like Suspensions

– It’s tricky for the leaders of the groups in particular

– If possible, it might be good for the groups to not have overlap with members

– This could be discussed at the MD workshop

– Dan has some strong opinions about this subject so we might return to this

– The group leaders should only be in one group so they can give it their main focus

15. Unauditioned Choruses Attitude/Recruitment

– There are now more opportunities with auditioned choruses so we’re spreading ourselves thinner with membership to unauditioned choruses

– It could be promoted as a chorus for everybody

– After auditions at the start of the year, those who didn’t get in to the auditioned groups did not join TUBBS but we’re not sure why

– Maybe people aren’t aware of what the choruses are capable of?

– A rebrand is perhaps needed? Just promote it as TUBBS A Cappella – all about the big chorus sound and only mention that it’s not auditioned at the very end, if at all

– Do we encourage auditioned members to come to TUBBS?

– These members don’t have a lot of time to commit, but it would be good to encourage people to go

– We could try and do more joint songs like Les Mis 

– We could have a promo video to update the old one and don’t mention the chorus is unauditioned in it

16. TUBBS This Term

– We could have a concert towards the end of the year and if TUBBS doesn’t have enough rep, some of the other groups could join

– Joe thinks that Harmony College is a good idea and those going for the first time will not have to pay very much at all due to grants

– Nick is looking into moneyzzz

– Tour would be tricky to get enough members to go covering all the parts

– TUBBS could perform at the Ensembles Showcase

– We could do a joint concert at the end of the year – maybe a lunchtime concert?

– The Head of Performance at the Vic Rooms is being very, very, very strict with who can perform there so it can’t be there!

– Perhaps the Victoria Methodist Church, somewhere in Wills Mem? Other churches? Lecture Theatres?


  • Tash to look into venues/performers for a lunchtime concert

17. Bristol SU Awards

– Someone from the Union emailed Joe asking if one of our groups wanted to perform on the 9th

– We would be interested in performing, so we can ask around to see which group can perform


  • Joe to reply to Monika expressing interest in performing

18. Freshers Fair

– Dan is going to the information thing and is also going to talk about it at the societies exec meeting next week. So if Committee has any queries then they need to tell Dan

– Will we try and get a double stall?

– Will there be Internet?

– Found out in next week’s minutes!

19. Messaging the Society Page

– Dan wants the green button about fast response time on the fb group so Tash suggested we message the page ourselves and reply straight away to get the response rate up

– We’ll see if it works!

– LOL it doesn’t, probably because we’re admins to the page

20. Next Year’s Gigs

– Dan has asked the STA for 3 nights in the Winston next year. One is on 14th December. One is 4th/5th February. One is possibly 1st/2nd April? Dan can’t remember exactly

– Dan is waiting on the STA to confirm these, as they’re all during dark weeks. That usually means they don’t do shows then, but as our shows are so easy for the STA (lights on/lights off basically), they don’t mind.

– The outgoing president James and incoming president Ben want to do it for us, they just have to get all committee to agree.

– Ben said he’ll let Dan know after they have their next meeting.

– TUBBS want to still do the joint Xmas concert with Revs and BUJO

– The Winston show in December works well as the groups will have settled into term and will have enough prep time and repertoire by then

– We need to wait on STA and Dan to see whether the dates are ok

21. F**kin Ell

– Dan isn’t here so this is rendered pointless

– It was at this point that Lauren began to cry internally as her just-fixed laptop went AWOL, but it redeemed itself by working again at home so it’s on its last warning

22. Upcoming Events

22.1 Ensembles Showcase

– We could hold the ensembles showcase in AR2 bar? Dan says it’s available if we want to. We can have the bar, although there is a minimum spend that we’d have to make sure we hit (not sure what it is, but don’t think it’s too much)

– CHH – as it’s the last week of term they might not make it available as its residents might want to use it, but Justine’s email has been forwarded to the warden so we’ll see.

– AR2 is apparently closed according to Room Bookings but Dan might have looked into this?

– Dan needs to let members know the date of the Showcase


  • Dan to tell all members the Showcase date

23. Booking Requests

23.1 Clara from Banco Lounge

– It was a fb page post that we replied to before Easter giving them our email address

– They haven’t emailed us, but it’s far away and it doesn’t look like we’d be paid, so we’ll leave it to them to contact us rather than chasing them

24. AOB

24.1 Joint Events

– We could try and do more joint events with other groups, inside and outside uni, like the Southwest Showcase

 We could host the ICCA Quarterfinals or VFUK Finals at the Vic Rooms next year

25. Cake Rota 

– Dan