University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting, 15th September at 5pm


  • Tristan Bradshaw – President
  • Dan Mailer – Vice President
  • Sebastian Watts – Treasurer
  • Hannah Jones – Ensembles
  • Alice Mennell – Quartets
  • Karen Lillywhite – Gigs Coordinator
  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Ladies’ Social Sec
  • Iain Hallam – TUBBS A Cappella MD
  • Rafaella Barratt – Suspensions Merger Coordinator
  • Matthew Belsey – Publicity

In Attendance:

  • Hannah Last – Secretary

1. Apologies

Megan Cote – Librarian

– Nick Jones – Men’s Social Sec

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Nobody really read them as usual

3. Treasurer’s Report

– We have lots of moneyzzz

– Seb needs to go to cash it in

– We’re still owed quite a bit of money from the Fringe box office

– This means that Seb will be able to come up with a total sum during October

– Seb has paid STA for flambaring

– Seb wants to know where to put the takings from Edinburgh. Committee thinks it should probably go straight into the union account. But that makes it difficult to pay the members that went on tour

– Committee thinks it would probably be best to pay people that went on tour before we put all the money in the Union account, so each individual member does not have to submit a claims form

4. Quartet report

– Nothing to report

5. Actions Update

– People potentially have stuff to do

6. Freshers’ Fairs

6.1 Tour 2016

– Iain wants to know what we can tell new Freshers’ what to expect from us in terms of tour

– Committee thinks that we can tell people what we’ve done before and tell them we are definitely intending to go on tour again

– It is better to have tour in the Summer as this avoids exam season

6.2 CCL Freshers’ fair

– Set up is from 11, but Dan is having his hair cut so he’ll be there from 12


  • Hannah to start a spreadsheet on dropbox for signups

– It would be useful to ask for the Freshers’ username as well if they know it

– Matt is going to bring his iPad for people to sign up on

– Matt also has a timetable sorted of people helping at the fair so the stall is manned all day

6.3 Big Freshers’ fair

– Set up is 2-6 on Thursday

– We need to bring more Velcro as not a lot is provided for us to stick things on the board

– We don’t have power or wifi

– We need to use the spreadsheet from the CCL freshers fair to fill in more sign ups


  • Iain to get some red material, 12 whole feet to cover our two tables

– Anyone that can bring a laptop, needs to bring a laptop so we can play the video that Ben is making


  • Karen to bring a pen drive with the video that Ben is making on so it can be transferred between laptops


  • Dan to bring headphones so people can actually hear the music

– We have our performance at 11:30am on the main stage

– Tour group and Suspensions are performing in this slot

– We need to confirm what we’re singing


  • Matt to tell tour people to turn up at freshers’ fair to perform

7. Men’s Social Sec

– Committee mourns the loss of Nick

– He wants to focus more on MD business so felt having a role on the committee as well would be too much work

– We potentially need to hold an EGM

– Committee decides that for now we can manage with just a ladies social sec with committee helping Lauren where necessary. We will probably offer the position to the members in the coming weeks

– Nick needs to be removed from the website and committee

8. Concert dates for Music planning

– We need to decide when our big concerts are and compile a big list so all respective groups in the society are aware of what’s going on

– We have The Winston booked from 25th-27th November for a Suspensions concert featuring other groups from the society

– Christmas concert 8th December for TUBBS A Cappella, BUJO, Revs, HotTUBBS and any other ensemble within the society

– Royal York Crescent 5th December (12:30-1:30pm) – HotTUBBS

– Concern Univeral 5th December (7pm) – HotTUBBS

– HotTUBBS performed for Ronald McDonald last year and we have been emailed and asked to perform again


  • Karen to reply to email from Ronald Mcdonald


  • Karen to reply to Round Table email

– Diwali ball 27th November – Bristol Suspensions

– We could do something similar to our Winston performances but in the second term and do a run Thursday, Friday and Saturday

– If we wanted to book that in The Winston we’d have to book through the Union but the STA said we could book with them during the first week of Summer term

– The second week of Summer term would be more feasible but we felt that was too close to our February concert last year

– It would be good to try and organise a concert in the weeks leading up to Easter

– We could do only 2 whole society concerts this year and potentially learn more music for them which should be enough for the un-auditioned chorus

– We liked to put our other big concert in early March

– Dan to look at venues for early March

  •  Winston
  • Anson rooms
  • Vic rooms
  • St Pauls
  • Christ Church
  • Drama Theatre

– The MDs of ALL the groups probably need to meet up and potentially organise additional concerts

– In order to retain links with Bristol choruses, we could have a day where we invite BF and GWC down to sing some songs with our un-auditioned chorus, we could do this in February where we were going to put HXUK

– We don’t necessarily need to have a concert in the evening for this event

9. Signups for Auditions

– We need to try and make it easier for people to sign up for multiple auditions

– Hannah L needs to include tick boxes so people can identify which auditions they want to sign up for

– HotTUBBS, Men’s Barbershop, Girls and Suspensions auditions have been booked

10. Moneyz

10.1  Sponsorship thing

– Dan to sort that out

– Lauren’s school gave us some money for tour, so we probably ought to write them a letter telling them what we did and saying thank you for their support


  • Tristan to write them a letter


  • Matt to send Tristan the tour report

10.2 Accounts

– Membership money

– It’ll all go into the general pot for the whole society

– We will need to review the set up at the end of the year to see how its worked etc etc

– Seb is going to have a fun year

– Seb to check the structure of our accounts and make sure the Union understands our situation

11. Socials

11.1 Bar crawl – 8th October

– Lauren has deals from Brass Pig, woooooo

– Lauren needs to sort out entry to da club etc, but this could maybe be done closer to the time

– Tristan is giving Lauren Raf’s (from Lounge) email address

– The plan is: Union bar, brass pig, mbargos, spoons, laaange/some other drinking and dancing establishment

– 7pm at Union bar

– There needs to a planned leaving time for each bar

– The tshirts would be £5

– We need to order tshirts asap


  • Matt to order 50 tshirts


  • Seb to contact someone about putting tshirts sales on the union page

11.2 Society ball

– We could definitey do a society ball this year, yay

– Maybe in second term

– 18th /19th March

11.3 Music bar crawl

– 12th November is the provisional date

– Harry Loble is potentially sorting this out

– It would include all the music societies in Bristol Uni

12. Access to the Union page

– We think its probably union wide because Tristan doesn’t have access to the pages for the other societies he is a part of


  • Dan to talk to the Union about this

– Committee thinks it would be a good idea if we are down as A Cappella society as it easier to remember and it means we appear earlier in the list of socities

13. Ensembles fair/ showcase dates

– To be discussed at a future meeting

14. First Rehearsal

– We have the auditorium of the Vic Rooms booked as well as some other room in the Vic Rooms

14.1 Music Needs

– Megan needs to be added to the University of Bristol A Cappella Society Musical Directors group (as well as Tristan) to sort out Music needs

14.2 General order etc

– It ought to be run by the MDs of all of the groups

– We need to go to the pub afterwards (spoons/union bar)

– 2 songs would be a good amount of music to keep people engaged

– We could do one song without music which would be good for members who are less confident reading music

– We ought to have some sort of performance to encourage people

– We could intersperse the songs with a performance of a maximum of one song from different groups


  • Dan to set up a University of Bristol A Cappella Musical Directors group

15. HXUK

– We’re unsure as a committee whether there is a market for the event

– Last year we didn’t have a lot of interest in the event and we wonder whether the effort we put into it is worth it

– We could try to organise some less formal things on a bit of a smaller scale which would be easier and invite groups like Exeter to come down and sing with us in a concert

– Committee decides that we will NOT be running HXUK this year as it will be too difficult to organise

16. Upcoming Events

16.1 Workshop on Tuesday

– Aliak and Joe are doing a 25 minute workshop

– Tour group and Suspensions are going to perform

– Matt needs to talk to tour people and tell them to be there


  • Karen to share the event in the Manor Hall Freshers group


  • Matt to share it in the CHH one

16.2 Chandos Road Street Party

– We are performing from 12:30 – 1:00pm

– We are supposed to meet ‘them’ at 12:15pm


  • Karen to make an event with all the details

– It would be nice if we had some flyers if there are super keen freshers there

17. Any Other Business

17.1 Rehearsal venue for TUBBS

– Graham has replied and we can have St Pauls every week except from 3rd November

– We need to find somewhere for that week but that’s not a big concern at the moment 25th -27th

17.2 Winston concert

– We need to make sure the auditioned groups members can actually make the days they’re supposed to be performing

17.3 Christmas concert

– 8th December


  • Tristan to ask the other groups we normally invite to come (BUJO and REVs)

17.4 Products on Union page

– Seb is going to remove lots of the products we have on there such as tour payments and Christmas dinner from last year


  • Seb to remove the aforementioned items

17.5 Union page

– We have the old logo on our union page but we can’t change it because we don’t have access

17.6 Tshirts for MDs

– We could do an additional order for MDs

– However members get to know the MDs relatively quickly so it probably isn’t necessary

17.7 Arts vs Sciences bar crawl

– We could tell people at freshers’ fair about it

18. Setting of the Next Meeting

– We ought to have another meeting in a weeks time

– 6pm – 27th September for only half an hour LOOOOOOL

19. Cake Rota

– Undecided