University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting, 2nd October at 5pm


  • Dan Mailer – Vice President
  • Seb Watts – Treasurer
  • Hannah Jones – Ensembles
  • Alice Mennell – Quartets
  • Karen Lillywhite – Gigs Coordinator
  • Matthew Belsey – Puvlicity
  • Megan Cote – Librarian
  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Social Sec
  • Rafaella Barratt – Suspensions Merger Coordinator

In Attendance:

  • Hannah Last – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Iain Hallam – TUBBS A Cappella MD

– Tristan Bradshaw – President

2.Previous Meetings Minutes

– Matt is sure they were fab, because he is still yet to read a single set of minutes. How. Rude

– Megan and Raf actually read them, YAY

3.Treasurer’s Report

3.1 Union Accounts

– The only two accounts that have money in are the UoBAS TUBBS account and UoBAS Suspensions account

– We have four accounts: UoBAS TUBBS, UoBAS HotTUBBS, UoBAS Academy and UoBAS Suspensions, with the TUBBS account probably acting as the main one for the society

– Dan has an email about accounts and he’s going to give the account numbers to Seb


  • Seb to go and check the account numbers with the Union and see which accounts actually have money in them


  • Seb to see if the money from Fringe has come through. It should be roughly £1200

3.2 TUBBS Tour account signatories / Internet banking

– Seb has some forms to add signatories to the tour account but he forgot to bring them

– This is to be sorted at a later date

4. Quartet Report

– Karen talks about chords against humanity

– Apparently loads of people want to be the tenor which is awesome

– They are going to ‘audition’ them soon by making them sing a tag with the quartet

5. Actions Update

– People have stuff to do, as usual, and very few people have done what they were supposed to!

6. Freshers’ Bar Crawl

6.1 How many people have paid?

– Currently 11 including 3 members of committee

6.2 General stuff to sort for Bar crawl

– We need to sort out timings, Lauren has posted some on the event

– We need to find out when we need to be in Lounge by. It will probably be 11:30pm

– Committee have to be at the Balloon Bar for 7:00pm on pain of death

– Lauren is going to buy everyone who turns up at 7 gets a drink! If anyone turns up even a minute later, they will not receive a drink

– We need to begin to heard people to the next location around15 minutes before we want to leave


  • Dan to go and speak to Lounge about the social regarding:
    • Skipping queue
    • Time to be in there
    • Red Wristbands

7. Folders

– We have 75 black folders and 23 red folders

– Raf still has her red folder from first year so is going to give it back to Megan

– Karen also has her folder from first year

– Megan is going to bring some folders not this week but the week after, because currently we can’t log in to the union website and see who has actually paid membership

– We definitely have enough folders which is awesome

– Aliak and Seb are arranging a beach boys medley for ManTUBBS, which is very exciting!

8. Payment for Committee shirts

– They were £7 each

– We need to decide whether we are paying or the society are covering it

– We should probably pay for our tshirts but maybe not pay for the social

– Some members of committee have already paid so they will pay less for the tshirts to compensate

– Money is to be paid to Seb to go in the cashbox

9. Quartets/Ensembles fair date

– We could have a Quartets/ensembles fair in November some time

– 17th November potentially

– CHH probs


  • Hannah and Alice to look into this and book

– We need to have a fair before, 20th/ 27th October

– It would start after the rehearsal on Tuesday. It would make sense to have a shortened rehearsal so it doesn’t run too late! Therefore the rehearsal should probably finish at 6:30pm

– The showcase might encourage people to form smaller groups if they see some of us singing

– Alice and Hannah need to talk to Josh about the speed-quartetting he did last year, as this was a real success

– We need to make sure we have the bar at CHH open for as long as possible!

10. Upcoming Events

10.1 – Fundraiser for Nepal

– 16th October


  • Karen to email and ask how long the set is
– The Suspensions could potentially do it, as HotTUBBS will not have had enough rehearsals

10.2 Ronald Mcdonald


– Karen to pick a time between Wednesday afternoon and Friday evening


11.1 List of gigs

– Karen to make a list gigs

– To include a list of rehearsals and concert dates, instagram, twitter, facebook etc etc

11.2 Bristol and Bath Marathon

– Sunday 25th October

– They want us to do a set somewhere along the route

– Karen needs to ask how long the set is and what time and potential payment

– Raf to ask the Suspensions if they want to do it

11.3 Christmas concert


  • Tristan to invite people (BUJO and Revs)

11.4 Event etiquette

– Committee needs to make sure that if they make an event for the society they make sure its through the society page

– Committee also needs to make sure not to like our own posts!

11.5 Who is responding to what

– Membership requests – Hannah

– General enquiries – Tristan/ Dan

11.6 Lunchtime concerts

– People need to attend the music planning board meeting to try and get some lunchtime concerts next term

12. Setting on the next meeting

– Friday 9th in a secret location (probs the MFC)

13. CAKE

– Seb