University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Friday 23rd October at 5pm


  • Tristan Bradshaw – President
  • Dan Mailer – Vice President
  • Hannah Jones – Ensembles
  • Megan Cote – Librarian
  • Karen Lillywhite – Gigs Coordinator
  • Matthew Belsey – Publicity
  • Iain Hallam – TUBBS A Cappella MD
  • Rafaella Barratt – Suspensions Merger Coordinator

In Attendance:

  • Hannah Last – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Alice Mennell

– Seb Watts

– Lauren Garner-Jackson

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Matt nearly read them, so progress is being made. He only scanned them to see whether he needed to buy cake, but he didn’t need to buy cake so he didn’t bother reading the rest. Just plain rude.

– Karen nearly read them also, though no proper excuses for failing to read them were given, however she did read them in the meeting

– 10/10 would read again – Karen Lillywhite

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Seb is sorting the Christmas meal deposit though he couldn’t come to the meeting due to spilling water all over his laptop and having loads of work to do :’(

4. Quartet Report

– Alice isn’t here

5. Actions Update

– People have stuff to do

6. Joint Music Social

– 12th Nov

– BUMS are helping pay for it so are going to get the profit

– In the future it probably should go through the presidents/ treasurers of the societies to deal with the money etc

– People are going to sell wristbands for it when theyre free, we should probably sell some wristbands in rehearsals


  • Dan to get some wristbands off Harry for TUBBS /Suspensions /Academy

– The routes are up on the facebook event

7. Ensembles fair debrief

– Hannah J has set up a couple of groups outside of the event

– Hannah L felt we could have done with some more help from MDs but the overall event ran very smoothly

8. Judges for ensembles showcase

– Hannah J is going to ask Veryan from Fortuity and maybe Alex Sanctuary but he might be performing with his quartet

– Craig (Bristol Fashion MD) will also be asked


  • Hannah to ask the above whether they will judge the showcase

9. Winston shows: 25th/26th/27th

– We need a producer to be down with the STA, Karen is going to do this

– They’d need to run the show/ actually make the show happen

– They’d need to make an account on UBU Theatre, and make a listing so people can buy tickets

– Karen is going to talk to Ben and he’ll help her run the thing


  • Karen to sort out the concert via UBU Theatre

– Karen can post on the committee page with any questions she might have

– Karen is going to need some publicity photos which Dan is going to help with


  • Dan to help Karen with the publicity photos

– The committee like the banner/poster that Dan made for the concert

– We think we should publicise all three concerts as one event even though that might mean we have a lot of text on the poster

– We need to publicise this concert like CRAZY because the Winston is a big venue

– We could ask some radio stations around Bristol to publicise the event as well as adverts in epigram and what’s on websites

– Dan is going to make a square version of the poster that we can put as our profile pictures on facebook


  • Dan to make a version of the poster for people to use as their profile pictures

– Both Dan and Tristan have massive mailing lists of people we contacted for HXUK as well other committee members having links with BUMS, medic pages etc

– Everyone on committee needs to invite everyone they know to the event

– We need 4 front of house and a front of house manager, the manager would need an hour of training,


  • Tristan is going to sort this out

– There’s going to be a raffle on the Friday night as it’s a charity night

– We think it would be a good idea to have the TUBBS rehearsal on the Tuesday before in the Winston as a sort of tech rehearsal

– We have to pay the STA £100 for the week but that needs to be split between us and Revs, who have the Winston on the Monday and Tuesday

– We need someone to raise the curtain etc as well as someone doing the lights, which will probably be sorted by STA

– We told the STA we are having risers and they were fine with it, we’re going to bring them on the Tuesday and they can potentially stay over night

– Four of the risers have been flam bared because of tour

– We need to mention to the STA that we want the show recorded, we’d quite like some hanging mics

– The top two quartets/ensembles from the showcase (as chosen by the judges) are also going to perform on the Wednesday night

– They don’t have a wireless handheld mic, we think it might be a worthwhile investment for the society

10. Union grant

– We could ask the Union for a grant in order to buy a wireless mic

– As Dan is now on the exec committee he knows what criteria we need to fufill

– Dan looked into wireless mics and some prices were like £250/£350 for some fancy shmancy things that Hannah L doesn’t understand

– Dan wants to get advice from STA about it all, and Karen’s dad is super involved with some deluxe brand and she’s going to ask his advice as well as maybe get some killer discounts

– The Union like giving grants to groups on the way up/ restructured, just like us WOO

– We’d want this mic for the Winston so we’ll probably have to pay for it before we actually received the grant

– We could get an amp as well

– We need to draw up a list of equipment of stuff we want

– We’d want the wireless mic mainly for beatboxing and announcements and maybe the occasionally solo

– Hannah L leaves the room after not understanding anything that was said in the last 5 minutes

– It has also been suggested that a camera might be useful for recording

– Mics are more useful to the society right now

– We can’t have a wired mic for the shows because of choreo etc

– Karen could potentially nick some microphones from her dad if we can’t sort something in time

– We could also get an amp for the society, we could probably get away with a mixing amp, because you know, that’s a thing

– For the future we need to look for other stuff… but Hannah L is 110% lost at this point and just nods along 

– An amp would preferably be battery powered

– Hannah L gets bored and discovers that diet coke contains phenylalanine, fascinating! That’s Hannah L’s favourite amino acid!


Karen to ring home and talk techy with her dad

11. Christmas Concert

– The Suspensions could get involved if they want

– BUJO have agreed to come but they would like some more details – maybe 20 minutes


  • Tristan to email BUJO

– It might be nice for us to do some Christmas songs, Suspensions have 3 Christmas songs so they could do them if they want to take part in the concert

12. Rehearsal venue

– The heating in the church is really expensive so we’d prefer to be somewhere else

– This week we can be in St Pauls and just lump it


  • Tristan to send a message and email people about the venue

– The week after we need to look into somewhere potentially in the Union

– However we don’t think there’s room in the union

– We could potentially rehearse in Victoria Methodists church but they charge £40 for two hours for Iains choir


  • Dan to post the password and login for room bookings on the passwords page and look into room bookings in the union

13. Upcoming Events

14. AOB

14.1 Bristol and Bath Marathon

– This Sunday

– They want a small group to sing at a location along the route

– They wouldn’t care if we repeated songs

– However we don’t really think its feasible and no one has enough repertoire/ available


  • Karen to reply

14.2 Workshops

– Sunday 8th – teach track workshop by Joe

– Scott is going to do a beatboxing one on maybe Sunday 1st November

14.3   Suspensions Christmas gig

– Wednesday 9th

14.4 Christmas dinner

– Then Itchy feet maybe after?

14.5 Care home gig

– Blenheim house

– She was wondering whether we could go and sing ‘for a laugh’

– They want a weekday around 2pm and haven’t specified a date but it might be nice to do it around Christmas time


  • Karen to reply

14.6 SCR at Badock

– They wanted to know whether we be up for singing at a formal

– They haven’t really got any details

14.7 Bristol Real ale

– There was a joint social with loads of cool food societies

– They wanted to know whether we would be happy to do some singing

– Its not been organised yet but it would be around February

– It was in the old fish market

14.8 HotTUBBS logo


  • Dan to make a post about making a HotTUBBS logo

– HotTUBBS really ought to have a logo, because all of the other ensembles in the society do