University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Friday 30th October at 5pm


  • Tristan Bradshaw – President
  • Sebastian Watts – Treasurer
  • Megan Cote – Librarian
  • Karen Lillywhite – Gigs Coordinator
  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Ladies’ Social Sec
  • Matthew Belsey – Publicity
  • Alice Mennell – Quartets

In Attendance:

  • Dan Mailer – Vice President

1. Apologies

– Hannah Jones – Ensembles

Rafaella Barratt – Suspensions Merger Coordinator

– Iain Hallam – TUBBS A Cappella MD

– Hannah Last – Secretary

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Everyone read them

– “They were delightful” – everyone

– No one said 10/10 would read again though so who knows how delightful they really were

– Hannah L would like to note when reading these minutes after the meeting that she was highly offended that no one said they would read them again, and therefore the very integrity of the minutes is in question

3. Treasurer’s Report

– The deposit for Racks has now been paid. The union said ‘ah yes it’s all ready to go through’ while making a typing on their keyboard motion.

– We’ll get the deposit back from the members when we ask them to pay for it from the union website.

– The deposit was £5 a head so we paid Racks for 30 people, which is £150.

– We can’t remember when full payment is due but it was quite late, maybe a couple of weeks before so we don’t need to worry about it yet.

– Our fringe money is floating around in the union’s account but Mamoud messed up so the union are trying to ‘catch the money out of the air’ (according to Seb) and actually put it in our account right now.

– We have about £1,300ish in the main society account. Once the Mamoud money is in we’ll be on £2,400ish.

– Apparently the Suspensions gained £1000 and they don’t know where from. Seb needs to investigate this


  • Seb to liaise with Joe and the union to figure out where this money has come from.


  • Seb to also liaise with Matt to try and do a balance sheet for Tubbs’s fringe 2015.

4. Quartet Report

– Alice has not had any replies from people interested in being in quartets

– She’s going to post links of Youtube videos in the Quartets & Ensembles fb group.


  • Alice to do the above

5. Actions Update


  • Everybody check trello to check their actions

6. Grant/Mic

– The grant deadline was today so we missed that

– Karen talked to her dad

– He recommended a particular mic that is very diverse

– It’s listed at £419.52 doe #lowethat

– But the person he needs to talk to about getting discounts is currently on holiday so he’ll be able to talk about it this week

– We may not need such an expensive amazing mic

– The model number for this mic is Sennheiser EW135G3 Radio Handheld Microphone System. The system is wireless.

– Sennheiser do another mic which is basically the same thing without all the interchangeable heads so Karen’ll talk to him about that


  • Karen to let us know how much we may be able to buy this mic for.


  • Karen to speak to Ben and to find out about suggestions for mics and stuff, cause we need to make sure it’s compatible with their stuff.

– The next grant deadline is the 27th of Nov. We now aren’t going to have the money by the Winston Shows

– We’re going to have to buy this mic without a grant. We have enough money but it runs the risk of impacting out grant application if we’ve already paid for it.


8. Rehearsals/Venue

– We need to find another rehearsal venue

– Karen suggests Manor hall as they have space we could use.


  • Karen to email Nikky to see if we can get the Great Hall and the reception room

– We can always email conferences office and find out from them if there’s anywhere large enough every week we could use.


  • Dan to email to conferences office to see if there’s anywhere we could use

– Rehearsals to be held in Josh’s or Cara’s room in Matt’s house hehe

– There’s not a single room available this week in the union

– We could be in Woodland Road Church this week

– Tristan rings them during the meeting. It’s half 6 though so not really expecting them to be here. Update: There was no one there

– We could potentially use them every week


  • Alice to contact Woodlands Church to see about this Tuesday


  • Seb to contact Victoria Methodist church to see if we can get them for Tuesday too

– Dan could talk to the union about using the gromit room this Tuesday


  • Dan to do this

9. Socials

– Lauren’s got us half an XL pizza for £3.50 each with Reds. Committee rejoices!!


  • Lauren to dress up all nice and go to Reds to get this even lower. Jon will do the same and join her

– If we order before 6 that day it’ll take about an hour. After then an hour and a half minimum.

– Sam has requested a movie night! We could hold this in the Odlum room or Stephenson room, though its not urgent at the moment

– We need to get more people to buy tickets for the music social. Woop!


  • Lauren to post on the fb group before rehearsal telling people to bring money

– Eleanor’s ceilidh band got back to her – 5 band members and a caller is £240. The polish club is £200 or £100 without PA system


  • Lauren to post on the fb page to gauge interest for the ceilidh

– We’re going to do some theatre trips next year (2016). Lauren’s going to look into these more.

– Pub quiz is also a potential social but we’ll leave it for this term.

10. Teach track archive

– There is nowhere to find all the teach tracks

– Iain seems to know where a lot of them are but it’s all a bit jumbled up

– It’s be nice to have them all in a set place


  • Tristan to talk to Iain about getting all the teach tracks in the same place

11. The Voice Collection II

– Should we actually do it? There might be copyright issues.

– Susps are doing it though?

– Let’s just do it


  • Dan to do this by 7th Nov

12. Tour

– We need to actually decide what we’re doing

– We’ve not come up with a lot – the most likely thing is Fringe

– We’d need to start finding a venue and accommodation etc etc

– If this is happening then we need to find a new coordinator.

– This is probably happening but we can’t vote as we’re not quorate. We need to vote on this next week.


  • Tristan to gauge interest for fringe on Tuesday

13. Printing the posters

– They need to get printed asap. There aren’t logos yet for HotTUBBS or Pitch Fight


  • Dan to finalise the poster and maybe do a HotTUBBS logo

– We’ll be able to print it on Wednesday if all is done. If so then Matt to take it to Mailboxes

14. Upcoming Events

14.1 Winston Shows

– We’ve basically discussed this already in the Actions Update, so check Trello

14.2 Spring Concert

– We’re looking at the 8th March as a potential date.

– We need to find a venue and stuff quick!


  • Everyone continue thinking about venues

15. AOB

– Spankie no longer wants to be alumni coordinator person so we need to find a new one.


  • Tristan to ask Jon if he wants to be alumni coordinator too

– Seb went to the student leader conference, it was kinda useful, Seb found about some stuff including we should apply for more grants.

– As it stands we’re not a hugely massive income society.

– We could if we wanted save up for big projects – we do do concerts but we could have other ways of making income.

– Our publicity is not really big enough on a whole to make more income from our shows. Short term we just need to increase the profile of the gigs we do.

16. Cake Rota

– Matt

17. Next meeting

– We’ll keep it Friday 5-7 for now