University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Sunday 24th January at 12pm


  • Tristan Bradshaw – President
  • Dan Mailer – Vice President
  • Seb Watts – Treasurer
  • Rafaella Barratt – Suspensions Merger Coordinator
  • Megan Cote – Librarian
  • Karen Lillywhite – Gigs
  • Roxane Kamaroudis – Tour Coordinator

In Attendance:

  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Social Sec

1. Apologies

– Alice Mennell – Quartets

– Iain Hallam – TUBBS A Cappella MD

– Hannah Jones – Ensembles

– Hannah L – Secretary

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Wonderful, as usual 😀 We love what you do Hannah and we’ll miss your minutes next year!

3. Treasurer’s Report

3.1 Fringe Tour

– We could give £50 back to each member – about £1000 in total

– We may need to keep some of the money for our outgoings though

– Could give back £20 each and keep the rest of the money to spend on things like the ball (woop woop) – need to vote when have more people

– Need to find out how members would feel about not having any money back in order to keep the money within the society

3.2 VoiceFest

– Academy/Pitch Fight – £100 each paid by the society for entry as they already have some money in their accounts

– HotTUBBS – £150 entry paid by the society

– Still need to find out where the £1000 in Suspensions account belongs


  • Seb to find out where it should be

– Tristan didn’t realise we got the microphone for free… silly Tristan!

– We could rent the mic out to the STA for extra moneyzzz

3.3 Winston Shows

– Thursday Profits

  •  Pitch Fight – 20%
  • Academy – 20%
  • Suspensions – 60%

– Friday Profits

  •  About £920 to charity

– STA sent extra invoice for £15 for tech rehearsal but we still need an overall invoice

– Total profit after everything paid from Wednesday – £9.85!!!

– Cost of publicity and programs etc have come from TUBBS money currently so Seb needs to work it out so it comes from Wednesday and Thursday nights combined

3.4 Christmas Concert

– £75 needs to go to St Pauls


  • Seb needs to pay the Church


  • Seb to get us the money from the Winston Shows wherever it may be

– The TUBBS A Cappella Union account is currently the main society account, so they need separating to make sure the TUBBS money doesn’t get lost in the society money

3.5 External Account

– Union emailed asking about external accounts

– We have no signatories on the tour account (Jon might be one and also Iain or Lucy though) so we have no control over that account, but there’s no money in it.

– We could close it but need the signatories to do so

– £2700 in other external account


  • Seb to tell Union about tour account

– Some committee members still need to pay for their committee t shirts

  • Alice, Hannah J and Nick and maybe Tristan – wink wink

3.6 Gofundme

– We have the money from tour in our Natwest account!

4. Quartet Report

– Alice is still not here

5. Actions Update

– Karen sent a really, really, really apologetic email to Blenheim House but they didn’t reply – awkies

6. Hi Roxane (Tour)


  • Iain to add Roxane to committee Dropbox and Trello

– When?

  • Summer is probably better so it doesn’t interfere with exams
  • 1st week of August might work well
  • 7th-30th July for French Fringe as it shall now be referred to

– Where?

  • Fringe
    • From Treasurer’s point of view, there are moneyzz to be made!
    • Exhausting and a lot of effort but a huge amount of fun
    • Easier if we return this year as we would be an established act having been last year
    • People won’t get bored of going consecutive years due to rolling membership
  • Abroad
    •  A Cappella conventions are very hard to come by
    • French Fringe in south of France in July – Avignon Festival #OFF16
    • Roxane’s sister has done it before so she could help her with the organisation
    • Travel – get to Paris then cheap travel from there
    • Roxane to look at Fringe balance sheet from last summer to compare costs

7. Tuesday’s Rehearsal

– Needs loads of publicity

– Everyone bring a friend


  • Seb to arrange music team meeting


  • Tristan to speak to Josh about rehearsals

– Seb to do warm ups

– Need to start at 5pm as it can’t start getting to the point where every rehearsal starts late

– 5pm warm ups, 5:20pm split, 6:15-6:30pm notices and biscuits, 6:30-7:30pm mixed. Highbury Vaults afterwards.

– Make sure existing members chat to new people and MDs are aware of new members and make sure they feel comfortable with their singing parts etc.

– Mens and ladies tags at the start of the split rehearsals to ease people in

– Committee wear their t shirts!

8. Socials

8.1 Hairspray

– Struggling to sell remaining tickets but people are interested and just need to actually get round to buying them

– Tristan has posted on the members group and event giving a deadline of Friday

– Potentially could get people to buy membership and then buy one as still saving money and we get extra membership

8.2 Scavenger Hunt

– Shorten rehearsal to 7pm

– Booked Odlum Room 7-8pm to eat in and get non TUBBS people to meet there

– Food

  • Order pizza to arrive at end of rehearsal at Union


  • Lauren to speak to Ed at Reds Pizza


  •  Lauren needs to create a Google Doc to get people to put in their orders well in advance of the night
  •  Membership cards task – could get in trouble for littering

8.3 Committee Social


  • Tristan to sort it

8.4 Ball

– Venue – The Square Club


  • Seb to pay deposit

– Tickets – online sales then pick up physical tickets?

– Could do it on the Union page

– Could have wristbands or a list of names on the door

– Tickets to be sold on the Union webpage with separate options for members and non-members due to different prices, then list of names on the door – gives it a more secretive feel anyway then


  • Tristan to put tickets on webpage

– Photography

  • Alex Sheppard could be a potential
  • Otherwise someone we know can do it and we can offer them a free ticket

–  Potential costs

  • It would be nice to have welcome drinks but this may be an added cost we can’t support, but it’s worth finding out how much it would cost


  • Lauren to ask Square about welcome drinks

9. Spring Concert

– Date

  •  5th March – realistically the most ideal date

– Venue

  •  Vic Rooms – Priority
    •  It’s discovered there’s a BUMS concert there that night
  • Bierkeller – unsure of size
  • Christ Church Clifton – gonna go with this as it appears to be free that night and it’s a big venue
  • Big venues ideal for whole society concert


  • Tristan to email Christ Church Clifton

–  Seb – ‘we wanna make loads of money’

– Set list

  • Music team needs to get together and organise stuff
  • 5 groups
  • 15-20 min sets
  • Publicity can start now

10. Mailing List

– Should be in Membership list

11. Upcoming Events

11.1 EFIM Dinner @ WMB

– 30 min set for HotTUBBS. Cannot repeat songs

– Don’t have enough repertoire and rehearsing for VoiceFest

– Paid but don’t know how much – suggest £200?

– If do Sound of Silence and Tranquilizer then might just about be able to fill the set

– Karen to reply to email with suggested fee

12. AOB

12.1 Stash

– TUBBS T shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts


  • Matt to look into buying them

12.2 Arrangements Workshop

– Raf/Suspensions are going to run one but they need to find a date and venue that actually work

– Suspensions are making a music video!

13. Cake rota

– Dan for being late