University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting –  Saturday 5th March at 12pm


  • Dan Mailer – Vice President
  • Seb Watts – Treasurer
  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Social Sec
  • Matthew Belsey – Publicity

In Attendance:

  • Hannah Last – Secretary

1. Apologies 

– Tristan Bradshaw – President

– Megan Cote – Librarian

– Iain Hallam – TUBBS A Cappella MD

– Rafaella Barratt – Suspensions Merger Coordinator

– Karen Lillywhite – Gigs

– Alice Mennell – Quartets

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– No one read them

3. Treasurer’s Report

3.1 Suspensions £1000

– The Suspensions really want to spend it LOL

– Seb is going to go into the Union on Monday to sort out as much as he can!

4. Actions Update

– There are no actions

5. Spring Concert

– Committee goes through the gigs checklist

– It should be finneeeeee

6. Busking Amp

– It’s arriving next week

– Where is it going to live?

– It should probably live in someones house

– Dan’s going to speak to the union when it arrives to see if we can keep there

7. –S-S-Daba-S-S-s 

– We can pay all the people that need paying in cash on the night

– 7 bottles of prosecco will serve 42 and 9 glasses of orange juice

– We also have a bottle for ents

8. TUBBS Merch

– Realistically Matt is not going to do it

– He needs to hand it over to the TUBBS committee next year

9. Tour

– Tristan REALLY needs to ask someone if they want to be tour coordinator because otherwise it won’t really happen

10. Round Table gig

– Dan needs to check with Karen whether this is happening

– Committee then observes a grapefruit sandwich on Tender

11. A Cappella Pizza

– They don’t deliver to our area but Dan’s gonna chat them up and see if they will

12. New members and the membership spreadsheet

– Hannah needs to find out the new members of Pitch Fight have paid membership to the society

13. Upcoming Events

– None were discussed

14. AOB

14.1 Committee dream section 

14.1.1 Lauren’s dream

– It was really weird

– There were family members i.e. weird random relatives she never sees

– We did a scavenger hunt, kinda

– It was set in a derelict castle

– ‘You can derelict my balls’ Seb Watts 2k16

– Seb was ordering wine

– Lots of TUBBS people were there

14.1.2 Matt’s dream

– We were also in Matt’s dream but we were an after thought

– One of matts friend’s got run over in the dream

– Dan told Matt ‘You don’t have to do this!’ as all of TUBBS were doing something about running over

14.1.3 Seb’s dream

– Seb had a dream about the concert

– We were all like wandering around

– St Pauls turned into a night club, it was basically St Pauls with expensive flashing lights

– There was loads of A Cappella incest, but it was all a blur

– Seb couldn’t put names to faces which is a shame 

14.2 AGM

– Matt should make an event

– Matt is going to make an amazing cover photo

– We need pizza and white t-shirt social – off you go Lauren

– We need to encourage people in other groups to go for stuff

– ACTION: everyone to send Matt a 2 sentence summary of their role on the committee

14.3 Tour money

– Seb’s been catching up on who needs to be paid back

– He needs confirmation for 4 people

– Committee now sing Chandelier…. Terribly 

– Committee then attempts to learn a riff