University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Saturday 8th October at 7pm


  • Dan Mailer – President
  • Joe Pickin – Vice-President and Suspensions Rep
  • Matthew Belsey – Treasurer and Equality Officer
  • Tash Orchant – Gigs Co-ordinator and Equality Officer
  • Jess Kim – Social Secretary
  • Sam Butler – HotTUBBS Rep
  • Nicolas Audinet – Academy Rep

In Attendance:

  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Justine Laurain – Musical Admin

– Helen Frawley – Publicity Co-ordinator

– Iain Hallam – Mixed Chorus Rep

– Karen Lillywhite – Upper Voices Rep

– Tristan Bradshaw – Lower Voices Rep

– Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Dan is instructing the whole of committee to go on the website to look at the minutes

– Lauren believes this is because Dan has not looked at them this week and it’s an excuse to quickly read them

– There is going to be silent reading for 3 minutes which just proves Lauren’s point

3. Treasurer’s Report

– The money that was taken from our account twice has not been returned to us yet according to our statements but the Union has emailed Matthew to say that it is back in our account

– Matthew is going to go into the Union on Monday just to clear up the situation

– We made £9 from the Freshers Bar Crawl – the same as last year!

– Invoices have been sorted out for the freshers fair flyers (£90) and music printing (£165)

– Committee believes the money spent on music printing is justified because around £100 in unreturned folder deposits from last year helps towards this year’s music costs

– Next year we only need 500 flyers for freshers fair

4. Actions Update

– On-going action for group reps to get their group members to buy membership

– Stuff still needs to happen as usual

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1 Suspensions

– Their first rehearsal on Wednesday went well

– They are doing lots of fun songs such as Your Man, Cell Block Tango, Winner Takes It All and S Club vs Steps

– Nearly everyone came to the bar crawl which was nice

5.2 Pitch Fight

– The first rehearsal was yesterday and went well

– They have 12 members this year

– Some arrangements are ready to go – Connie is possibly working on a song with Aliak when she’s back in Bristol

– It has been a bit more of a challenge compared to last year to get a sense of how rehearsals are running etc since there are a lot more new members and perhaps less directing experience within the group

– It should be alright once everyone has settled in and Jess could maybe reassure members that it’s going to get easier to gel

– Raf possibly deleted the Dropbox files from last year with songs and teach tracks so Jess needs to talk to her

5.3 Academy

– Their first rehearsal was yesterday and went very well

– There are 8 members, which is small but what they wanted

– They are going to aim to try and do some group arranging

– Horn Stars is rehearsing in the room next door for half the rehearsal and they are REALLY LOUD!

– They shouldn’t be using the room when there are shows in the Union because of the noise levels

– Every other week, Academy should be able to move to the Pegg Studio


  • Joe to change Academy room bookings


  • Dan to talk to Dae about Horn Stars noise levels

5.4 HotTUBBS

– Their first rehearsal is tomorrow

– They have 16 members again

– They are singing All The Things You Are, When You Wish Upon A Star and Star Wars Medley tomorrow


– Where are the teach tracks at?!

– Karen has uploaded hers to Google Drive

– Dan says ‘shame on you’ for when the reps read this

– They NEED to go up ASAP

– The first rehearsal had about 50 people which is good


  • Justine to sort out folders and post in members group about buying them


  • Matthew to find out how to add folder deposits to Union website

6. Equality Officer 

– Lots of Unions have accreditation schemes where societies can reach different levels after achieving required goals

– The Union has launched their own scheme recently

– There is a lot of criteria needed to fulfil the requirements for bronze, silver or gold awards

– 5 categories

  • Equality and diversity
  • Representation
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Fun/ member satisfaction

– The lowest score is discounted in one category since it might not be relevant to each society

– To get bronze, we need to elect an equality officer, write a report and attend a talk

– There are various other things as well that Dan reads out, but he is going far too fast and the list is so long that Lauren has had to give up

– Silver is all the bronze requirements plus extra things like self-assessment of equality and diversity

– Gold is all the bronze and silver requirements, plus even more goals

– We can win certificates, the use of the award logo, be entered into £50 or £100 prize draws (depending on the award) and be shortlisted to perhaps be featured on the Union website for a week, and be shortlisted for the Union Awards etc

– It could be good for gaining sponsorship and perhaps drawing freshers in at freshers fair

– We need to elect an equality officer – can be a new role or added responsibility for existing committee members

– The Union’s link to the template for the equality statement doesn’t work – so useful

– Dan, Matthew and Tash are willing to do it

– Dan has dropped out of the running so Matthew and Tash are going to run as a pair

– The position is co-opted and they would not get ‘extra’ votes for having multiple positions

– Vote on the new Equality Officer

– Matthew and Tash – 7

– RON – 0

– Abstain – 1

– Even our votes are diverse lol

– Committee has officially voted in a new position! So exciting!


  • Matthew and Tash to write an equality statement to send to Dan to be put on our website


  • Dan to find out from the Union whether, under collaboration, we can collaborate with societies from outside the uni

7. ICCAs

– We were potentially going to host a quarterfinal round

– The person dealing with our request suddenly resigned and the events team was left with only 2 members of staff

– Varsity Vocals has released info announcing it’s going to be in Exeter which is annoying since our discussions were still on-going at the time

– 15th November is the video submission deadline for entering ICCAs

– £100 entry fee which you get back if you don’t get in

– Matthew and Tash have got the giggles about a meme on fb… so unprofessional

– As a linked sidenote, VFUK is 21st/22nd  April

8. Teach Track/ Arrangements/ Beatbox Workshops

– We should try to have them this year

– Committee decides to be proactive and choose dates now

– Beatbox workshop (hopefully run by Scott) – Castle Room, 3-5pm Saturday 29th October – booked

– Arrangements workshop (run by Dan) – Castle Room, 3-5pm Saturday 5th November – booked

– Teach track workshop (run by Joe) – Odlum Room, 3-5pm Saturday 12th November – not booked yet as it’s too far in advance to do so

9. TUBBS Rep

– We need to re-elect the reps since the original election was on a temporary basis

– We really only need one, rather than three

– The Constitution says we have to have reps for lower, upper and mixed voices and a mixed unauditioned group (i.e. HotTUBBS)

– The Constitution needs updating as it hasn’t been overhauled since the Society became UoB A Cappella

– Tristan is too busy to take an active role this year, but Karen and Iain seem to be able to continue with their roles

– Neither are here though so we should probably check whether they want to step down or continue

– Nick needs to see if Tristan wants to step down and re-elect a rep so that Lower Voices are represented at meetings


  • Dan to ask Nick to talk to Tristan

10. White Rabbit Discounts

– Helen isn’t here so we’re unsure what to specifically discuss

11. Thekla 

– Committee received an email about a student night on Tuesday 18th October

– They could offer the society queue jump, a VIP area etc

– It would be after the quartets fair so it might be nice to have a social after

– Dan is hesitant because he works at Lola Los and has been discussing the possibility of hosting a society-run night

– The Society would host the night and take money from door

– This is potentially planned to be happening from February

– We could help run the nights until then and maybe earn £1 per person on the door for example

– We want to build up a relationship with Lolas and it could help us offer our members discounted entry if the Society takes some of the door takings

– Our next social should probably not be alcohol-related, which our new Equality Officers agree with

– Committee agrees not to advertise the Thekla event

– There is a discussion as to what the equality officers should be referred to as… ‘Queens’ are perhaps not the most appropriate titles and should instead be related to the job description!

12. Upcoming Events

12.1 Quartets Fair

– No Union rooms are free but the Winston Theatre might be free

– Joe is trying to book it 7-9pm through the STA so we shall see

13. Booking Requests

13.1 Royal York Crescent

– HotTUBBS is performing and Sam is dealing with it

13.2 Ronald McDonald

– HotTUBBS is preforming and Sam is dealing with it

13.3 Laura Evans Wedding

– Tash is waiting to hear back as to what type of songs she wants, and then we can proceed with finding a group

14. AOB

14.1 Freshers Bar Crawl Review

– It was different to last year which was mainly TUBBS members, as this year was nearly all auditioned members

– Mbargos was good with all the free draaanks

– Perhaps next year 3 places might be enough, as opposed to 4 this year, though last year there were 5!

– Brass Pig was a bit intermittent with service – Tash had to go downstairs since the upstairs bar only served alcohol!

14.2 Fringe

– Groups need to get booking venues!

– Committee is unsure whether TUBBS and HotTUBBS are going together or not due to miscommunication amongst the reps


  • Dan to use Doodle Poll for group reps to discuss Fringe

15. Cake Rota 

– Sam

– Reserve Dan

16. A Cappella Song Rota

– Matthew