University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Sunday 6th November at 3pm


  • Dan Mailer – President
  • Joe Pickin – Vice-President and Suspensions Rep
  • Matthew Belsey – Treasurer and Equality Officer
  • Sam Butler – HotTUBBS Rep
  • Mike Blitz – Lower Voices Rep
  • Iain Hallam – Mixed Chorus Rep
  • Nicolas Audinet – Academy Rep
  • Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight Rep

In Attendance:

  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Justine Laurain – Musical Admin

– Tash Orchant – Gigs Co-ordinator and Equality Officer

– Jess Kim – Social Secretary

– Helen Frawley – Publicity Co-ordinator

– Karen Lillywhite – Upper Voices Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Thumbs up from Joe

3. Treasurer’s Report

– The Union STILL hasn’t sorted out the money

– ‘AHHHHHHHH/GRRRRRRRRR’ – Matthew right now

– Matthew is unsure whether MTB has paid for the mic hire yet


  • Matthew to check whether MTB have paid for mic hire

4. Actions Update

– Stuff still needs to happen – when doesn’t it?

– Dan has had confirmation that the Society can directly collaborate with organisations outside of the uni, such as external university societies and charities, which counts towards the accreditation scheme, as long as there is evidence and it was actually collaborated on

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1 Suspensions

– It’s all going well

– They have gone busking the last two Saturdays

– They are preparing for the alumni Christmas music video

– Come to St Nick’s Christmas light switch-on on 19th November *wink wink*

5.2 Pitch Fight

– They have almost sorted 3 songs for their ICCA application

– They will start busking after submitting their audition video

5.3 Academy

– They are not going to do ICCAs this year as it has taken them more time than expected to properly get going

– One member has stopped showing up so it has been assumed that he is no longer in the group

– Nicolas thinks that the rehearsals are nice

5.4 HotTUBBS

– Not much to report

– Everyone in the group has submitted a logo design and it will be picked tonight! Exciting stuff!

– Discussions about concert-wear have been happening, as well as merchandise


– The music team met up last week to discuss everything

– They are looking for a tour coordinator to go to Fringe

– Iain is talking to Revs and BUJO about a Christmas concert

– Provisional date of 6th December

– LV teach tracks need moving to the correct Google Drive folder as Mike does not have the necessary admin rights to do so


  • Mike or Iain to move teach tracks

6. Groups Paying For Things

– TUBBS heating – probably a Society cost as rehearsals for other groups obvs have heating included for free as they rehearse in the Union

– We need to look after the welfare of our members so they don’t sue us for hypothermia!

– Again, groups should be trying to raise money for competition entries

– The Society can lend money to groups

– Groups should pay for the competitions first and then claim it back from the Society

– Committee had discussions a long time ago about the possibility of paying for one competition entry per group per year

– This would still be a significant amount of money

– VFUK is £150 and ICCAs is £100

– It would be nice, but can the society sustainably afford it?

– Yes, especially with the Winston show, but this would have to be revisited if the Society had more groups in the future

– Committee still needs to encourage the groups to make their own money

– Committee unanimously votes to give £100 to each group each year towards competition entries

– Matthew checked the HotTUBBS money situation, and a ball performance payment needs transferring over from the Society account to the HotTUBBS account


  • Matthew to transfer HotTUBBS gig money

– Should HotTUBBS pay for their own music printing?

– The group is capable of bringing in its own money

– There are questions over copyright issues and the sharing of music

– The Society will pay for their music printing for this term since any changes would be brought in after the start of term

– Members of the group would prefer to have printed music, though it would not cost a lot to personally print the music if they don’t want to use the music digitally, which is what the other auditioned groups do

– Busking could raise the money needed to print the music really easily

– Vote on society paying for HotTUBBS music printing

– Yes we should continue paying – 1

– No we should stop paying – 5

– Abstain – 3

– HotTUBBS will be paying for their own music printing from after Christmas

7. TUBBS Power Vacuum

– The group reps are not expected to run TUBBS alone, so who is?

– Essentially, a TUBBS Committee could do with being established

– The Constitution is fairly open to interpretation

– It needs to be decided who is dealing with the day-to-day admin needs of the group

– The problem with a TUBBS Committee is that people are generally less engaged with the group so might not be as dedicated to a committee

– The group reps could probably cover a lot of the admin things between them, but then who would organise an inter-society concert for example?

– Society Committee could provide support where needed, for example, Gigs Co-ordinator could be asked to help start up a concert

– There is also still a view that TUBBS should be run on a Society level, but not necessarily on a day-to-day basis, as it is a group for everyone

– There is general agreement that TUBBS reps can ask the relevant members of the Society Committee to help out where needed

– By extension, any of the groups in the society can ask for help from committee if needed

– Music is sorted by the Music Team, which is not in contention

– Should we have a TUBBS Committee or should it be the group reps and Society Committee that share the responsibility?

– Day-to-day decisions such as who unlocks the church and notices will lie with the reps/MDs, whereas something bigger like changing the rehearsal days will go through the Society Committee

– Often these issues come through the Society Committee anyway, such as when Academy needed to move rehearsal venue

– Committee agrees that the reps and MDs have the power to delegate tasks to other members if needed, such as unlocking the church to organising a tour, and it is at their discretion to decide who such members would be

8. Groups Going To Fringe

– Dan needs to arrange a meeting with group reps about Fringe


  • Dan to do his actions

– All the groups need to get on it with organising

– Susps have basically booked everything already, which saves money, though they are being particularly keen

– Dan is in a mood with Matthew for being on his case… ah young love

9. Christmas Meal

– Jess is thinking Thursday 8th December

– Wednesday 7th should not be discounted just because it is sports night

– Thursday works well as GWC are performing on the Wednesday and no one in the Society rehearses on a Thursday

– Thursday 8th December has been decided

– Jess needs to find somewhere

– Joe thinks that, usually for a Christmas meal, you get a set menu for £20 and the food isn’t always great

– We could go to a different restaurant, such as an Indian restaurant, and people can choose what they want

– Somewhere like Racks is good for organisation and everything is sorted for you, with crackers etc

– If we went to a restaurant, we would have to pre-order everything in advance to make sure the food all arrived at the same time

– Jess needs to look at a package deal, such as Racks, for prices, and alternative places too, such as the Lansdown, to see what they can offer


  • Jess to look into Christmas Meal

10. Group Rep Absences

– Often a group is not represented at meetings

– Reps should send someone in their place from their group

– They should be given a vote in the rep’s place

– GROUP REPS PLEASE READ – if you cannot make a meeting, please send someone in your place, preferably someone who knows what’s going on, and let committee know in advance!

11. Christmas Show Trailer

– It would be a good idea to have a trailer to promote the Winston show

– Someone could go round each group’s rehearsal and film a short segment

– Helen should probably be in charge of this but she can ask someone else to go on her behalf if she’s too busy

– Dan should be able to make this happen

– Deadline of 7th December to have it published


  • Dan to sort trailer

12. Revs Christmas Concert Enquiry

– Joe received an email from Revs asking if the TUBBS inter-society concert is happening this Christmas

– Iain is already in discussion with Revs so Joe will pass on the email

13. Society Cut From Group Gigs

– Currently, if a group does a gig, the payment split is 50/50 in term time between the performers and the Society, and 80/20 to performers in the holidays

– It might be a disincentive for groups to accept gig requests as they do not get a big cut of the payment and it might not be worth doing as a result

– There is generally now more interest in having societies perform at events, but there are also more groups within the Union to choose from

– The Society could be sustainable purely off membership fees and whole society concert profits, so there might be the potential for the split to change

– Should the Society take more of a cut and pay for more things?

– Conversely, it could be an incentive for groups to find gigs for themselves and earn more money if the split remains the same

– The Society could advertise better what we offer, since we have a decent number of groups who can perform

– The Society should do more work to get more gigs for the groups, allowing more performance opportunities for the members, which would justify getting the 50% cut

– The Society is missing quartets at the moment, which we are getting requests for

– Justine needs to post about forming quartets in the Showcase event


  • Justine to post in the Showcase event

– Committee decides that it should be left at a 50/50 split, at least for now, and the Society should work harder to get gigs for our groups

– Groups could be asked their views on how Committee could help the groups to get gigs/raise funds

– Dan will ask when he goes round to film the Winston gig trailer


  • Dan to ask groups’ views on getting gigs

14. Video Camera

– Please can Dan fix it xox

– Dan is unimpressed that this is an agenda item

15. Church Heating

– Lauren had to wear her gloves at TUBBS rehearsal on Tuesday (it’s really hard to turn the pages) – what’s it going to be like in January?!!!


  • Joe to find out how much heating costs

16. Mypurplecard

– Committee received an email about a new Bristol discount card

– That’s not what we do so we’re not doing it kthnxbye

17. Facebook Group Membership Requests

– There is no consistency on who is accepting fb group membership requests

– Essentially, just check they are legit and not from the other side of the world with no connections to Bristol

– It is a case of the first person to get there accepts

– Joe has accepted one request – so proud

– It seems Dan and Lauren have an obsession with their phones as they seem to approve almost all of the requests #helpme

18. Upcoming Events

18.1 Workshops

– Dan needs to make an event for the arrangements workshop


  • Dan to make workshop event

18.2 Movie Night

– How are we showing the film? DVD? Slightly not in line with the law?


  • Jess to establish how the film will be accessed

18.3 Ensembles Showcase

– Justine has emailed CHH but not heard back yet

– Justine needs to post in the event about facilitating groups

19. Booking Requests

19.1 Laura Evans Wedding

– This has possibly been sent to GWC so we will wait for Tash to confirm this

19.2 Just Eat Lunch

– Ongoing

19.3 MFC Anniversary Gig

– Susps are doing it

20. AOB

20.1 Pegg Studio Slot

– The Society has a slot in Week 8 for the Pegg Studio

– What should we do with it?

– Film the trailer/mic workshop?

– Dan tried to book what he could which is why we have the slot in the first place

21. Cake Rota

– Dan because he didn’t bring any this week!


– He needs to bring double cake

22. A Cappella Song Rota

– Lauren

– Sam chose That Lonesome Road by Kings Singers