University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Friday 13th January at 5pm


  • Dan Mailer – President
  • Joe Pickin – Vice President and Suspensions Rep
  • Matthew Belsey – Treasurer and Equality Officer
  • Helen Frawley – Publicity Co-ordinator
  • Jess Kim – Social Secretary
  • Justine Laurain – Musical Admin
  • Karen Lillywhite – Upper Voices Rep
  • Mike Blitz – Lower Voices Rep
  • Iain Hallam – Mixed Chorus Rep
  • Scott Lechleiter – Brizzlebox Rep
  • Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight Rep

In Attendance:

  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Tash Orchant – Gigs Co-ordinator and Equality Officer

– Sam Butler – HotTUBBS Rep

– Nicolas Audinet – Academy Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Whilst waiting for most of committee to arrive (who are all late *cough cough), those who are present listen to Ed Sheeran

– Committee wants to bring a vote of no confidence against Dan because he dared us to #justbanter

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Karen needs to give Matthew £15 for the January gig

4. Actions Update

– Lauren wants cake but Justine isn’t here yet

– Dan and Helen are sorting the Showcase videos

– Georgie Trott has the Winston show videos so they can’t be uploaded yet obvs

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1 Suspensions

– The Alumni Foundation raised £2000 from the music video!

– They have a gig on 29th April in the Redgrave Theatre

– Fringe and US tour plans are all ticking along

5.2 Pitch Fight

– They have filmed their VFUK video!

– They are hyped for ICCAs

– A new arrangement is finished

5.3 Academy

– Nicolas is not here

– Committee reminds group reps to send a substitute in their absence

5.4 HotTUBBS

– Their VFUK video was recorded a while ago and has been submitted

– Music is planned for the term

– It would be nice to get some busking going


– They have started uploading videos from the Inter- Society Christmas concert

– First rehearsal back had a decent number of people given it was exam period

– MDs have had a meeting to discuss a concert in March, maybe with Bristol Fashion and GWC including workshops during the day

– Lauren is keen for members to go busking on weekends

5.6 Brizzlebox

– They are going to audition for another member after exams

– They can advertise on the fb members group and Society page

– They are going to be working with a loop pedal this term!

6. Lockers

– Dan got an email from Monika the other day about the lockers

– The Society has a big locker in the music rooms in the Union that was not currently known about

– There is somewhere for the mics and busking amp to live now!!! Woooooo

7. Socials

7.1 Scavenger Hunt

– Thursday 23rd February

– Children’s TV would be an awesome theme

– Dan takes full responsibility for the idea

– Broad or vs (e.g. CBBC vs Nickelodeon)?

– A theme of Children’s TV Programmes is agreed on

– Pizza beforehand would still be good


  • Jess to create Scav Hunt theme

– Awards can be given out at the Ball

7.2 Student Takeover

– Dan was sent an email reminding Committee of the Student Takeover in the Balloon Bar every Tuesday


– We could do a Society gig as a takeover?

– Karaoke on a Tuesday or Friday?


  • Dan to reply to Takeover email

7.3 Another Movie Night!

– There could be a poll with movie choices – films the groups have done songs from


  • Group reps to let Committee know what songs they have from films

7.4 Ball

– Several venues have been considered, including The Milk Thistle (soooooooo expensive), Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, and Radisson Blu, which looks promising

– The Radisson has a red carpet so Dan’s interested

– It needs to be established how much money the Society can spend

– Matthew is really busy with revision at the moment so Scott has offered to assist


  • Scott to do Ball budget


  • Matthew to add Ball to Society budget


  • Lauren to reply to Radisson asking about mixing alcohol/non-alcohol people for payment

– Committee reckons roughly £25 for a ticket

– We could look at going back to The Square?

– Lauren will email Stephanie and cc in Jess to ask about The Square

8. Facebook Publicity Plan

– When the Society, or the groups, have an event, the Society page should also be a host to make things easier

– Helen could be a moderator of all the Society group pages so she can add them as hosts of events and see what posts have been made so they can be further publicised

– Alllll the notifications!

– Group reps are generally in favour

– It is suggested that Dan should also be a moderator on all the pages as a back up for if Helen is unavailable

– This might be unnecessary and a bit too much involvement in the groups’ own pages

– If groups have events coming up, reps should let Helen know 2 weeks in advance so she can get it published on the Performing Arts fb page


  • Nicolas to read the minutes

– Once Nicolas has read the minutes and (hopefully) agrees, Helen will need adding to the groups’ pages

– It will be up to the groups to decide what level of posting power/admin rights she will have


  • Group reps to add Helen to fb pages

9. Equality Survey

– It needs doing

– Using the accreditation scheme as a guide, use Google Docs to do it

– After the main survey, it would be good to ask some basic questions about members’ views on general things from the first term like socials, gigs etc

– Make sure to ask about workshop suggestions

– Liberate Your Language workshop on 25th January – Committee go!

– Afterwards, Matthew and Tash should discuss liberating language with MDs and maybe Committee too about how language is used in rehearsals for example


  • Matthew and Tash to do Equality Survey

10. TUBBS Recruitment Drive

– There was one last year and should be one this year to encourage new members

– There could be another push for auditioned group members to come along

– There was a fb event for the first rehearsal back after exams – this should happen again!

– The post should be boosted

– It doesn’t cost much but can reach SO MANY people!


  • Iain to create event for TUBBS rehearsal

– Committee agrees that the Society should pay for the fb boost

– Two new memberships would more than cover the cost!

11. Mic Hire Requests

– Dan received two mic hire requests on the same day

– The sound of Riverdance is floating through from another room – how exciting

– It distracted Lauren and subsequently annoyed Dan lol

– Vet panto – 3/4 nights for 3 mics

– There needs to be an official hire charge for all hires

– £8 per mic per night because it ‘seems less than £10’!

– Commercially, mic hires are £50 a week or £20 a day

– The Society could do a week-long deal

– £6 per mic per night for 6+ nights

– Vet panto – 3 nights – £72, 4 nights – £96

– Charity gig – Pink Week – they want 2 mics and 2 mic stands (we don’t have stands)

– It is for charity so we should do it for free

– A 1p charge (if demanded) needs going in the hire contract

– Mike is getting his pro bono work in early this year

– Monday 30th January for the Pink Week event


  • Dan to reply to mic hire emails

12. External Arrangements Requests

– Justine has been asked if an alumna can borrow some arrangements for her quartet

– Suspensions had a request before and sent them directly to the arranger

– One of the requested arrangements is a commercial arrangement so she would have to buy it from where the group bought it

– Committee is in awe of James Whittick’s OneDrive

13. Ensembles Showcase

– Tuesday 6th June

– Special Events still hasn’t opened up again yet, though they may have just forgotten to open it up again

– AR2 would be a good shout


  • Justine to email Special Events about Showcase

14. TUBBS Rehearsal Heating

– The heating was broken in the lecture theatre on Tuesday and it was freezing

– We were supposed to be getting away from the cold!


  • Dan to go to the lecture theatre on Monday to check heating

– Iain can raise it as an issue within the uni if it definitely is broken

– It might have been off because there weren’t lectures

15. Upcoming Events

16. Booking Requests

17. AOB

17.1 Workshops

– Dan thinks there could be another workshop series

– There was not a great attendance last term, even though there was the demand

– Saturdays might have been an issue for a few people

– Wednesday afternoon might be better

– ‘Who in a cappella does sport?’ – Dan 2k17

– February might be a good time to have them

– Suggestions are for arrangements, video editing (Connie would be a good shout to run it if she would be willing), teach tracks (robot ones as well as singing), singing technique (would need someone qualified enough to run this!), choreo/performance, music theory/sight singing, mic technique

– The Equality Survey will ask members’ views

– All 7 options to go in the survey

17.2 Co-opted positions

– There need to be more/some replaced

– Recordings Officer is still Ben, but he is not involved in the Society anymore

– Nathalie is messaging him to let him know he’s being de-opted! She’s brutal!

– Vote to remove Ben from Committee

– Yes – 9

– No – 0

– Abstain – 2

– Sorry Ben! You were great!

– Tech Co-ordinator would be useful for when Dan’s gone

– They could be in charge of sorting the equipment and recordings and regulating mic hire and busking amp use for example

– This would absorb Recordings

– For the Friends and Alumni Co-ordinator, there has never been a hugely active member who has sent out newsletters, raised money etc

– Committee could ask members if anyone wants to do it

– Website Co-ordinator is still Dan currently and he is happy to continue with this next year if no-one else wants to do it #letitgo

– Fundraising and Outreach may be less necessary

– It is agreed to advertise for Friends and Alumni, Tech and Website


  • Dan to email members after exams

18. Cake Rota

– Dan

19. A Cappella Song Rota

– Justine next week

– Nathalie/ Jess chose Pitch Fight’s VFUK submission video, but this is not publicly available yet so Lauren will direct everyone to their ICCA submission video

– Lauren wishes to take this opportunity to say that the website used to upload the minutes has been causing her serious grief today so she is angry with it!