University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Wednesday 8th February at 1pm


  • Dan Mailer – President
  • Helen Frawley – Publicity Co-ordinator
  • Jess Kim – Social Secretary
  • Karen Lillywhite – Upper Voices Rep
  • Mike Blitz – Lower Voices Rep
  • Scott Lechleiter – Brizzlebox Rep
  • Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Seb Watts – Deputy Academy Rep

In Attendance:

  • Joe Pickin – Vice-President and Suspensions Rep

1. Apologies

– Matthew Belsey – Treasurer and Equality Officer

– Tash Orchant – Gigs Co-ordinator and Equality Officer

– Justine Laurain – Musical Admin

– Lauren Garner-Jackson – Secretary

– Iain Hallam – Mixed Chorus Rep

– Sam Butler – HotTUBBS Rep

– Nicolas Audinet – Academy Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– All was fine

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Matthew isn’t here

4. Actions Update

– Things have been done and need to be done.


  • Dan to remind people to fill out Doodle Poll on MD Facebook group


  • Joe to chase Georgia up about Performing Arts Gets Poshed

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1 Suspensions

– ICCAs were alright I suppose.

– They are having a chilled rehearsal today!

– They are on the radio on Sunday!


  • Joe to post Dropbox link to Suspensions’ set to committee group

5.2 Pitch Fight

– ICCAs was great!

– They are looking forward to the show on Friday

– They’ve got a 6-song set!

– They have a BBC audition coming up.

– They are starting to arrange busking to raise funds to record a single with Liquid Fifth.

5.3 Academy

– They have got a 4-song set for the show on Friday.

– Only one song is not from Shrek lol.

– They are looking forward to the show, but they’re in a bit of a rush!

– They hope it looks good!

– A teaser trailer for the show is coming out today!

– They are starting to think about putting on their own concert towards the end of the year.

– A few arrangements are “on the brew”.

5.4 HotTUBBS

– They are getting on with stuff as usual.

– They have started ‘Thriller’ this week.

– All is well!


– The recruitment drive is going well!

– The format change is still a problem.

– They went through old rep for the Explore ’17 gig which is on Thursday.

5.6 Brizzlebox

– Not much has changed.

– Except that Connie is in the group woo!

– They are looking forward to trying an “interactive” piece for the show on Friday

6. Sustainability (BAS)

– Lauren and Matthew aren’t here so Committee doesn’t know what this is about

7. Constitution

– Lauren isn’t here so Committee doesn’t know what this is about

8. Upcoming Events

8.1 Socials

8.1.1 Karaoke

– It’s an SU Facebook event but Dan is going to be added as a host.

– There’s going to be better lighting (fairy lights), and there’ll be using some of the Society’s radio mics!

– Dan is thinking about limiting people to one song each.

– Everyone come woo!

8.1.2 Scavenger Hunt

– Jess is going through the penalties and points and things.

– The Pegg is booked from 6:30-8:00pm for pizza.

– The plan is to head to Lounge afterwards.


  • Jess get an entry deal to Lounge – about 20 people

8.1.3 Movie Night

– Date is 10th March.

– Jess still needs to post a poll in the member’s group.

8.1.4 Ball

– A Ball meeting is happening at 16:15 later today, so the Ball Committee will report back at the next meeting.

8.2 Explore ‘17

– This is a TUBBS gig on Thursday 9th Feb (tomorrow).

– Dan thinks he should give the organiser Iain’s and Karen’s number as he’s not coming.

– TUBBS are sound-checking at 6pm.

8.3 Acadapitchbox Concert

– Everything is going well

– 40 tickets have been sold so far.

– They are expecting a lot more tickets to sell on the door.

– Sound-checks are today, with a run through tomorrow, and the show is on Friday.

– There will be lots of great lighting.

– Nathalie has done an interview-teaser for each group.

– Budget update: the lighting price has gone up by £11 but the Society is fine to cover it.

– Connie has arranged for people from her film school to film the show, and Nathalie has arranged for a student to take photos for the run-through.

– Everyone come wooooo!

8.4 10th Anniversary Concert

– Dan asked Ben about the Winston, and he says he’ll bring it up at the next committee meeting.

– We shall see.

8.5 Suspensions 29th April Gig

– Nothing new

9. Booking Requests

9.1 Mirrors

– Dan says this shouldn’t be on here as the Society doesn’t own the mirrors

– They’re owned by all the performing arts societies, so it’s not our job to hire them out.

– But basically someone wanted to borrow one mirror on 18th/19th March.

10. AOB

10.1 Format change for TUBBS rehearsals

– The format for TUBBS rehearsals really isn’t working

– People leave after the mixed rehearsal so there’s a very small upper and lower voices turnout.

– This is stressful for the MDs.

– Dan suggests not having a break before UV and LV rehearsals and then having one at 6:30pm.

– Karen disagrees because she feels the break is valuable social time.

– Is St Paul’s a better option?

– Mike thinks it’s still too cold and has bad rehearsal acoustic.

– Mike thinks maybe the Bristol Improv Theatre could be good.

– Joe thinks they’ll often have shows on Tuesday nights.

– People are leaving because of getting back in time for hall dinners, but there is an option to transfer your meal to the Hawthorns which serve food til 8pm – it might be worth reminding TUBBS first-year members?

– Dan feels the rehearsal should be 2 hours long rather than 2 and a half hours.

– This might encourage members to stay til the end.

– Karen says TUBBS haven’t had a team meeting for a while so she will bring these points up then.

– LFM won’t budge on letting TUBBS have a room between 5-6pm.


  • Mike to ask about Manor Hall hall for TUBBS rehearsal.


  • Helen to post in TUBBS member’s group to remind people to book meals in the Hawthorns

– Lauren has just turned up yay!

11. Cake Rota

– Joe

12. A Cappella Song Rota

– Dan is on it but it’s a bit loud in the Balloon Bar

– He’s chosen the trailer for the Acadapitchbox concert #tune