University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Friday 10th March at 1pm


  • Dan Mailer – President
  • Joe Pickin – Vice-President and Suspensions Rep
  • Matthew Belsey – Treasurer and Equality Officer
  • Helen Frawley – Publicity Co-ordinator
  • Tash Orchant – Gigs Co-ordinator and Equality Officer
  • Jess Kim – Social Secretary
  • Scott Lechleiter – Brizzlebox Rep
  • Karen Lillywhite – Upper Voices Rep
  • Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Iain Hallam – Mixed Chorus Rep

In Attendance:

  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Mike Blitz – Lower Voices Rep

– Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight Rep

– Justine Laurain – Musical Admin

– Sam Butler – HotTUBBS Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– They were great

– 10/10 would read again

– Joe is being shady and complaining that they were quite long

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Matthew paid a cheque in from the STA

– Matthew worked out how to pay a cheque in #proud

– The Society is possibly spending slightly more than anticipated for the ball but it is marginal

– The Society currently has an obscene amount of money because of all the ball ticket money in our account

– Committee could use the money to fly to Mauritius but then they’d be stranded there and the Society would have no money

4. Actions Update


  • Karen to speak to Mailboxes about formatting


– MDs need to confirm whether they are happy with Iain’s post in the MDs group and then music needs distributing for the Anniversary Concert

– Handover doc – elected Committee needs to update it by Tuesday and make sure to save all work as they go along in case someone overrides the doc if they’re editing at the same time

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– They are sorting the Redgrave show

– It’s going to be with the Rolling Tones and Brizzlebox!

– They are planning their trailer and publicity etc

– They are preparing for ICCAs which are 15 days away!

– Fringe show details have been decided on

– ‘The Bristol Suspensions in: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Instruments!’

– Maybe even two exclamation marks!

– Dan confirms there are definitely NOT two exclamation marks

– They are sorting their final songs for the year

– Pop Princess Medley for girls

– Stripper Medley for guys… interesting

5.2. Pitch Fight

– Nothing to report

5.3. Academy

– They are continuing with a new song and are moving onto a new arrangement

– They performed at an open mic night on Tuesday as Academy which is cool

– They might have got a gig out it!

5.4. HotTUBBS

– They had a competition this weekend at rehearsal

– The DBs came and judged a quartet competition, which was basically a way of getting everyone to learn the TUBBS rep!

– Karen’s quartet won HotTUBBS hats!

– They had an AGM to discuss things

– Sam will continue as HotTUBBS rep until after the Society AGM

5.5. TUBBS

– They have had to cancel tomorrow’s workshop as they could not arrange everything in time

– They need to hand it all over to next year’s reps

– They need to arrange a lunchtime concert this term

– Tour planning is coming along nicely

– James needs to announce soon when the next payment will be to give some advance notice

5.6. Brizzlebox

– It is confirmed that they will be in the show for Susps on 29th April

– They came to UV rehearsal on Tuesday to go through Valerie which sounded AWESOME

– Scott stayed and sang with UV so was a Bass for the first time ever!

– James is in hospital and may not be out of recovery by the time of the ball and ICCAs!

– Scott needs to learn Susps’ choreo as back up lol

6. Handover

– Committee is distracted by the nursery children playing outside the window

– Handovers need to happen ASAP after AGM

– The new President needs to ask the Union for handover docs for Prez, Trez and Secretary

7. Equipment Buying

– Karen discussed various brands and options with her dad

– There is a thorough list of options now on the committee group (the things highlighted in green are recommended)

– The mics are still being recommended that Karen’s dad suggested

– There are various cables and things that need to go with them

– The Tascam recorder can be bought from various places, including Amazon

– The best payment option is when places that can invoice the Society


  • Karen to ask Dad to buy mics and invoice Society


  • Matthew to buy the cables and Tascam

8. Equality Statement and Report

– There is a new version of the statement that needs uploading to the website


  • Dan to update equality and sustainability statement to website

– Tash and Matthew have written the report

– This should probably be made publicly available


  • Matthew and Tash to submit Equality Report to BACS

9. Sustainability Statement and Report

– Basically the same as for the Equality stuff

– Matthew has a website account that he did not know about so will look into uploading everything himself

10. Proxy Votes

– They are not accounted for in the Constitution

– They could also be used as an excuse for not coming to the AGM, where listening to the speeches is really important

– Could this be on a case-by-case basis for those who physically cannot be there?

– This will probably have to remain the way it is this year then return to the issue next year before the AGM or any EGM

11. Upcoming Events

11.1. Socials

11.1.1. Movie Night

  • It is tonight in the Castle Room but everyone is meeting in the Balloon Bar first
  • There needs to be a last minute hype as many people are not keen for Pitch Perfect 2
  • We need to make sure there is paper and blue tack to cover the light sensors in the room lol

11.1.2. Ball

  • 18 ents tickets sold! Woooo
  • The table plan has been sorted with the aim to mix groups up a bit more

11.1.3. Last Committee Meeting

  • Everyone vote in the food poll in the event!
  • Scott knows where he can buy big cheese
  • There could be fondue!

11.2. 10th Anniversary Concert

– One of the Sons of Pitches just spelt a cappella as ‘acapella’ – cry

– There is still no venue

– Tash met with the Union

– There is no one to run tech so we could only use the thrust in the Winston which is no good

– Christ Church have said no

– BGS was bare money

– Station is too expensive

– Tash is currently asking about Anson Rooms

– There needs to be a meeting of the organisers to discuss budget etc

– People need to help out Tash, ideally group reps who will still be in the roles at the time of the concert


  • Joe to ask St Paul’s

11.3. Suspensions 29th April Gig

– Publicity is being launched today!

11.4 TUBBS Workshop

– No longer happening

11.5 AGM

– People can buy food from the Balloon Bar or bring their own food

– There isn’t a room in the Union to eat in anyway

– It might start a bit later than 5pm

– TUBBS wanted to rehearse 5-6pm, and some people can’t be there at 5pm

– Dan was thinking of starting motions at 5:15pm

– It has to be considered that we only have the lecture theatre until 7:30pm

– Dan and Matthew need to write reports, which Matthew had forgotten was a thing


  • Dan and Matthew to write reports for AGM

12. Booking Requests

12.1. Rugby Match Performance

– The Society has been approached by the Rugby team to perform the English and French national anthems

– It’s on 7th April in the evening, which is during the Easter holidays

– Committee doesn’t know whether they actually want a soloist or group

– Tash has said that she will pay 50p per person on Committee if we actually do this!

– This should be put to the members to see if anyone wants to do it

– It isn’t paid but the society would get exposure


  • Matthew to ask members about rugby match performance

13. AOB

13.1. Group Reps

– Should we allow elected committee members to also be group reps?

– Committee could recommend certain positions that should not be doubled up, such as President due to a conflict of interests

– This can probably be left to new Committee, or discussed at the handover meeting

14. Cake Rota

– Everyone bring cake to the handover meeting

15. A Cappella Song Rota

– Joe chose Give Me The Simple Life by Crossroads