University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Tuesday 28th March at 8pm


  • Matthew Belsey – President and Equality Officer
  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Vice President
  • Natalie Egan – Social Secretary
  • Eleanor Leaper – Gigs Co-ordinator
  • Ella Horne – Musical Admin
  • Lottie Regan – Publicity Co-ordinator
  • Nicolas Audinet – Academy Rep
  • Mike Blitz – Lower Voices Rep
  • Karen Lillywhite – Upper Voices Rep

In Attendance:

  • Beth Davies – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight Rep

– Iain Hallam – Mixed Chorus Rep

– Sam Butler – HotTUBBS Rep

– Scott Lechleiter – Brizzlebox Rep

-Cem Rifat – Treasurer

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Karen read them, as did everyone else.

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Cem isn’t here

– Matt paid in the TUBBS charity money

4. Actions Update

– Natwest signatories- still need Seb to sign it

– Everyone get merch!

– Hottubbs put the order in but the guy is on holiday

– Pitchfight put their order in today

– Tubbs should get merch for 10th anniversary and sell it to alumni

– Distribute Aladdin music to all group MDs


  • Matt get Dan to update handover doc


  • Matt pester people about co-opted positions

– Karen still needs to talk to printing people

– Jess still needs to do handover, they have arranged to do it after Christmas

– (Nick just arrived) Academy are thinking of getting tshirts


  • Lauren update constitution and AGM

– Joint committee social did have a date but suspensions forgot they have a rehearsal then so it needs to be changed

– Airhop social update: it costs £10.50 or £8.50 if you already have the socks (like Mike)

– Laser quest is relatively cheap with student discount

– Thoughts for a TUBBS picnic/ bbq for summer

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– Had the ICCAs on Saturday and came 3rd congrats

– They are preparing for their Redgrave show and have lots of songs in the making. There will be mad publicity and have made trailers (exciting). Lauren already has a ticket

5.2. Pitch Fight

– Their sweatshirts are sorted ooo

– They are learning choreo for 6th May (gonna be awesome)

– They are having their AGM on Friday

5.3. Academy

– Have finished learning Closer

– Had their first official social on Friday

5.4. HotTUBBS

– Very relaxed rehearsal as there were only 7 people

– Spent most of it running Chandelier and it sounds epic

5.5. TUBBS

– Started work on the Aladdin medley today woo

5.6. Brizzlebox

– Scott isn’t here to report

6. Groups’ audition process

– The society is considering streamlining the audition process so people only have to audition once, i.e. more like the BUMS process

– Matt will mention this to all MDs

– Nick mentions the matching algorithm to match auditonee to a group, like eHarmony but for a cappella groups

– The idea is there would be a panel of MDs and the audionnee has a list of preferences of groups so if multiple groups want them ultimately it is their choice

– It may not work for all groups as the Hottubbs audition process is different as it is in a group so there are no solo auditions

– Call backs would be individual for each group

– Most importantly the process needs to give preference to the auditionee

– The auditions should happen after taster session

7. Equipment

– The previous committee have invested in a tascam recorder

– The committee are now considering buying microphones for recordings at concerts however they are quite expensive. £700 to buy a pair or £20 to hire them

– The society could maybe ask alumni to donate money

– Karen thinks it would be an investment for the society as an experience as members can share recordings with family and friends. It would also encourage people to join the society

– Karen thinks if the society hired them it may be a forgotten addition to concerts and would end up not being used

– Owning them means the society could use them whenever and they could also be used for the audition process

– Currently the society can hire them from the sta when performing in the SU

– The society could try hiring them for the next few gigs to help decide

– Karen’s dad mentioned bringing along multiple mics for the society to try out

8. Recognition of service to society

– Currently a 5 year badge exists however it is not very good quality. The society should be able to do better quality plastic badges

– There could be a 3 year recognition/ certificate

– Could look into developing some kind of reward scheme

– The committee agrees this would be a fun idea


  • Lauren look into commitment badges/ rewards

9. Dropbox Cleanup

– Dropbox is a bit of a mess, it would be helpful to back it up onto a memory stick and archive irrelevant folders within each folder


  • Whole committee tidy up dropbox

10. Plans for the year to come

– All the present committee came up with ideas:

– El- The society should have concerts with a few groups performing so the rest of the society can come and watch. More groups should produce YouTube videos and in general all groups should be publicised more.

– Lottie- The society should keep social media more active and can share other groups’ posts to boost the whole society’s publicity.

– Mike- Would like Tubbs membership to increase and for more groups and quartets to be formed.

– Ella- The society should have more integration within groups and help more ensembles form.

– Beth- All groups should do more busking and could join forces with other groups in the society to busk together.

– Natalie -The society can have socials to Airhop/ laser quest in winter and in summer have a bbq/picnic. We could team up with a society to do Take Me Out and team up with Exeter to integrate with the South West. The society could have a social every 2 weeks and could potentially approach a pub/bar to hold it at. There should definitely be more society trips to the Hippodrome.

– Nick- Would like to get Academy’s songs out and perform more.

– Karen- Tubbs groups should do more gigs and to help with this concerts/ workshops should be planned way in advance. Could try splitting upper and lower groups to join other groups

– Lauren- Would like more sponsorship for the society so there is more money to do fun things

– Matt- Would like to do things with Exeter, for example a joint gig and best of the southwest showcase (again). Need to keep enthusiasm up from start of year!

– General points:

– Tubbs should publicise the options for smaller ensembles within the group

– The society could create aca families and have members from different groups

– Having an ensembles showcase on 6th June in the Pegg theatre

– The society needs to decide on big dates early on, this means people will have something to aim for and committee can get venues sorted early

– Committee want to get a consistent room for Tubbs rehearsals and will ask about Anson rooms

– The society should perform a flashmob on campus to encourage people to join/ audition

11. TUBBS organisation etc.

– Scout out subcommittee for next year during next term

– MDs need to be chosen, need to ask over Easter for interested parties


  • Matt, Karen, Iain and Mike put out feelers for MD roles

12. General start of committee things

– Committee need to send Lauren photos (else she’ll choose awful ones and it will be highly embarrassing)

– Committee need to be careful with dropbox (don’t delete it)

13. Upcoming Events

13.1. Socials

13.1.1. Joint committee social

– A new date needs to be found as Suspensions have a rehearsal when the current date is (genius)

13.2. 10th Anniversary Concert

– The subcommittee have had a meeting! yay

– It will be held in AR6 of the Anson rooms, the surrounding rooms will be quiet.

– It will be a fancy gala night with prosecco on arrival and everyone will dress nicely.

– There will be a workshop during the day at St Pauls 10.30-4 for alumni and Tubbs.

– All members are singing defying gravity and aladdin

– AR2 will be used for a bar.

– The tech possibilities are either hiring a company or using SU staff


  • Karen discuss 10th anniversary concert teching with dad


  • El work out tech

– All groups to have new songs to make it exciting

– Checking out White Rabbit for afterglow, will potentially be able to use all/ some of it

– Compère: previous group will introduce the next.

– Each group will have a banner in the backround whilst performing

– Need to invite everyone to the event!

– There will be snapchat filter woo

13.3. Suspensions 29th April Gig

– Everything is under control

14. AOB

– Next year the committee could potentially have an allocated slot every week for meetings. The current method is fairer as it allows everyone the opportunity to make it. Once timetables are available for next year committee will look into having a regular early evening slot that everyone can attend

– Union awards – The society needs all members to fill out a good quality nomination that refers to the union values. The deadline is 1st May

– Membership satisfaction survey – 70% satisfaction needed for gold balloon. Need to ask members to fill it out as deadline is 10th April. (Matt really wants a gold balloon)

15. Cake Rota

– Matt for after Easter

16. A Cappella Song Rota

– El chose I saw her standing there by Techtonics