University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Wednesday 26th April at 3pm


  • Matthew Belsey – President and Equality Officer
  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Vice President
  • Cem Rifat – Treasurer
  • Natalie Egan – Social Secretary
  • Eleanor Leaper – Gigs Co-ordinator
  • Ella Horne – Musical Admin
  • Lottie Regan – Publicity Co-ordinator
  • Sam Butler – HotTUBBS Rep
  • Scott Lechleiter – Brizzlebox Rep

In Attendance:

  • Beth Davies – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Karen Lillywhite – Upper Voices Rep

– Mike Blitz – Lower Voices Rep

– Nicolas Audinet – Academy Rep

– Iain Hallam – Mixed Chorus Rep

– Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Most people have read them in the 12 hour window they’ve been available, well done

3. Treasurer’s Report

– The Union have officially recognised Cem as the new treasurer woo

4. Actions Update

– Matt get the Natwest signatories

– Merch – Pitch Fight have bought sweatshirts and they look awesome, Hottubbs are picking theirs up next week hopefully

– Natalie is having her handover with Jess tonight

– Matt do coopted positions

– Committee have started to tidy up the drop box

– Feelers have been put out for Tubbs MDs

– Tech for 10th anniversary concert is in process

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– Their show is on Saturday, everyone buy tickets!

– They have been flyering on campus today and are rehearsing for 6 hours tonight!

5.2. Pitch Fight

– They got their merch this week woo

– They are singing at the BUMS ball on Sunday

– They have finished ‘wait for it’ and will perform it for the first time at the ball

– Their AGM was held this week

5.3. Academy

– Busy working for the 10th anniversary concert

– They are having an ‘acadaweekend’ and going busking/ recording with mics

5.4. HotTUBBS

– No rehearsal on Sunday as no one was back, they are scheduling an extra rehearsal for next week

– Merch should be in this week!

5.5. TUBBS

– Rehearsal this week was a bit low on numbers

– Matt got to tag and was happy

– He also mentioned group reps and MDs to everyone

5.6. Brizzlebox

– Busy rehearsing for Redgrave and 10th Ann concerts

– Their rehearsal on Saturday went well and they have a new song sorted

6. Music Planning Board

– There is a meeting next Wednesday to give dates for concerts happening next term, the deadline is next Friday

– No one has planned any gigs for next term yet (unsurprisingly)

– The society can put in for the dates of Tubbs Christmas concerts

7. Alumni Grant

– The society are thinking of asking for money for the Edinburgh Fringe tour, last year each group performing got £500

– It could be as a loan and the groups can pay it back if they make a profit at the Fringe

8. Website Domains

– The society domain names are expiring so need to be renewed and paid for


  • Lauren sort out website domain

– WordPress are sending a million emails to everyone when the website crashes and then fixes itself, there seems to be very little the committee can do about this

9. Union awards

– Everyone needs to bug their members to nominate the society, the deadline is 1st May

– It is judged on the quality of the nominations so everyone gush all their emotions

– The society has been asked to perform at the awards in a 10 minute slot. Suspensions, Academy, Hottubbs and Tubbs might be available. It is unlikely that Brizzlebox and Pitch Fight can make it.


  • El reply to request to perform

10. Accreditation Scheme

(Matt starts dying from cake inhalation)

– Next year the society will have a strategic plan on how to complete it again as it looks really good


  • Matt submit all the evidence for this year

11. Social Sec meeting

– The society have received a message from a promoter, Natalie will meet them for coffee

12. Committee Training

– The Union are doing training for committees on 5-7th June

– Potentially some of the committee will go

13. Virgin media

– Repeat the sponsorship to get society more money again

– It means that members get £50 off their internet bill which is totally worth it

– Committee plan to spam the society in September to tell everyone to use it

14. Membership satisfaction feedback

– The results are back, 36 people responded to the survey

– The results are mostly very positive and no one put anything explicitly bad (yay)

– The society gained over 70% satisfaction rate

– As a response to the feedback the society is continuing to work on more socials to help everyone integrate more (Matt has ideas for next year)

15. Tubbs MDs

– Committee need to encourage members to go for MD roles

– The rehearsal after the 10th Ann concert will be used for auditions

– Karen and Iain mentioned having a practice audition the week before the real ones but delaying it by a week means exams will have started

– A solution could be to have a practice at the beginning of the rehearsal and then audition members nearer the end

16. Sponsorship Post

– The society is signed up to ‘sponsor my society’

– Lauren received an email from them wanting to feature the society on their website and on Facebook, which would be free publicity

– There is no formal deadline to send them ideas but will cover all the society’s big plans/ previous accomplishments, such as the Edinburgh Fringe and the 10th anniversary concert, along with photos

– Multiple other sponsorship opportunities are being looked into for next year and the society can promote them on flyers at freshers fair

17. Upcoming Events

17.1. Socials

17.1.1. Joint committee social

– Pizza Express on Tuesday, Sam was initially missed off the list lol

17.2. 10th Anniversary Concert

– AR2 bar is booked by a conference so cannot be used

– STA are teching the conference so the society can’t use them

– Committee tried to find a quote to tech it but it would be expensive

– Decision: the concert will be in St Pauls

– Ticket prices: £6 student, £8 alumni, £10 full

– The society plans to donate at least £100 St Pauls


  • Matt check prosecco prices

– PUBLICITY! Group reps need to share the event like mad and get all members invite everyone. Matt wants 1000 people invited.

– Lottie is still waiting on the Tubbs profile for the event

– The performing ensembles has been opened up to the society as well as alumni

– Committee plan to boost the event at 8pm Sunday once the Redgrave show is done

– Groups performing at the Redgrave show will mention the concert

– The society can invite a cappella friends from Bath and Exeter and offer to host them

17.3. Suspensions 29th April Gig

– Their video has gone viral and has been commented on by Pentatonix!

17.4 Ensembles showcase

– Will be held on 6th June in Pegg theatre


  • Publicise ensembles showcase

18. Booking Requests

– Hottubbs are thinking of doing a gig at lunchtime in the week after exams


Organise Hottubbs gig

19. AOB

– The society have been invited to Exeter’s boat party on 5th June, apparently last year it was awesome

– Matt has suggested having a social next term once all the auditions are done but before people know which group they’re into, which should help to integrate groups from the start. The society could also invite all new members to the first Tubbs rehearsal and then all go out afterwards

– Pitch fight were asked to be the wild card at Voicefest but were asked too late and couldn’t commit enough of the group to go

– Lottie has a contact to ask about filming for 10th anniversary concert

– The society received a query about whether babies are allowed in the audience at 10th anniversary concert. Committee have replied to say yes but the show will be recorded


  • El or Matt to sort out online ticket sales

– Matt has set up an event on the alumni page

– Natalie is organising a society BBQ on 3rd June


  • Everyone email groups to inform them mics aren’t being used so choreo may need to change

20. Cake Rota

– El is on cake duty next week

21. A Cappella Song Rota

– Natalie chose Purple Rain by Aquapella