University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Wednesday 3rd May at 3pm


  • Matthew Belsey – President and Equality Officer
  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Vice President
  • Cem Rifat – Treasurer and Academy Rep
  • Natalie Egan – Social Secretary
  • Eleanor Leaper – Gigs Co-ordinator
  • Ella Horne – Musical Admin
  • Lottie Regan – Publicity Co-ordinator and Suspensions Rep
  • Mike Blitz – Lower Voices Rep
  • Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Scott Lechleiter – Brizzlebox Rep
  • Sophie Berry – Stand-in Mixed Chorus Rep

In Attendance:

  • Beth Davies – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Karen Lillywhite – Upper Voices Rep

– Sam Butler – HotTUBBS Rep

– Iain Hallam – Mixed Chorus Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– They have been read, Beth needs to check all actions are up to date

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Nothing to report

4. Actions Update

– The Natwest signatories still need to be done

– The tascam is arriving today! Apparently at some time between 6am and 10pm, so useful

– Jess has officially handed over to Natalie (outside spoons last night lol)


  • Lauren swap Academy Rep from Nicolas to Cem in committee things and remove Jess

– Tubbs merch for 10th Ann concert hasn’t happened as there simply hasn’t been time. They will get some for Edinburgh though

– Matt still needs to pester people for coopted positions

– Need to ask people about Tubbs MD auditioning, Mike has plans on cornering some people, sounds very threatening

– Group reps get all members to invite and share the event for 10th ann

– Publicise ensembles showcase at/ after concert on Saturday

– Hottubbs gig is in the works

– Everyone is aware they’re not on mic for the concert

– Prosecco update: Matt is planning to use a Sainsburys voucher to buy it #studentlife

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– Saturday’s concert went really well, everyone is well happy

– MD auditions are happening today!

– They have a gig in London tomorrow and are performing after Ed Balls lol

5.2. Pitch Fight

– The merch is here and is fab

– They sang at the BUMS ball over the weekend but unfortunately they didn’t have mics so were not always heard

– They went busking and made £60 woo

– This is Nathalie’s last committee meeting as rep boo

5.3. Academy

– Cem is their new committee rep

– They unintentionally busked down at the docks at midnight, not very surprisingly they made no money but still had fun

– They are potentially doing an Amazon gig dressed as superheroes, everyone thinks this is a great idea

5.4. HotTUBBS

– They had an extra rehearsal on Monday to prepare for the concert


  • Sam arrange MD auditions

5.5. TUBBS

– Everything is coming together for the concert, people are getting slightly panicky about learning all the music off by heart (there’s still plenty of time..)

5.6. Brizzlebox

– Had a great time at the gig on Saturday

– They are performing one song in the 10th Ann concert

6. Next year’s socials

– The society has made plans to have fortnightly socials on a Tuesday that end up in OMG. Committee have the choice of having the club open to only the society, to other Bristol societies or to everyone. The idea is to choose the other societies to invite

– The society get to decide on playlists and themes for the nights

– Smirnoff is given to each committee regardless how many of them turn up (yes!)

– The freshers bar crawl will end up there along with other societies, everyone will have tshirts with their society logo on and tickets will be £7

– Committee get to choose the name for the night, Natalie will create a poll to decide on one

7. Groups audition process

– The taster session will be on Tuesday 26th September, the Tuesday following freshers week.

– Auditions will then be spread out between Wednesday and Saturday (27th- 30th) and the following week will be for call backs. Groups need to give at least 3 days before their call backs. Hottubbs auditions can be held over the weekend (30th-31st)

– Everyone will send emails out together with the results on Saturday 7th October

– The email will advise people to choose only one group if they get accepted into more than one, and they can then reply with their decision

– Plan of having a social after the first taster session on 26th Sep, everyone go to the pub and then go out somewhere together. The tshirt social can be delayed to 10th October

– Mike has suggested each group have a criteria for the audition process to allow feedback to be given and to have more transparency. In general it just provides some form of proof to show how the decisions are made

– MDs can then keep hold of the notes made in auditions and only need to show them if someone asks

8. Tubbs Website

– Tubbs website is all in Iain’s name and no one else can currently edit it


  • Matthew message Iain about website

9. Boosted post

– Lottie spent £16 of her own money to boost the post so needs to be paid back

– Lauren has forwarded an email explaining how to claim money back using Expense 365

10. Risers for the concert

– They are currently at Iain’s, he can fit 3 in his car at a time and needs help moving them to the church


  • Matthew liaise with Iain about helping him load them into his car


12. Upcoming Events

12.1. 10th Anniversary Concert

– Nathalie is hiring tech from sta

– Lottie is getting a quote on filming equipment

– Running order of the day:

10.30- 12.30pm Tubbs rehearsal

12.30-2pm Alumni lunch

2-4pm Alumni rehearsing ‘and so it goes’ and ‘defying gravity’

4-6pm Soundchecks for groups

6.30pm Prosecco reception, concert starting promptyly at 7.30pm

– Each group is performing 2 songs (except Tubbs who has 3, and Brizzlebox has 1)


  • group reps ask groups when between 4 and 6 they are free for soundcheck

– 22 songs to be performed in total!

– Running order of the concert:

– Brizzlebox, Karen’s quartet, Lower voices, Pitch Fight, quartet, Tubbs, alumni, INTERVAL, Academy, Upper voices, quartet, Hottubbs, Suspensions, Iain’s speech, everyone


  • El add running order to members page

– Performers can watch when not performing

– There will be a run-through of Aladdin at 6pm, everyone needs to be there!

– Ushers/ people to be on the door are needed


  • Matthew talk to Jon about refreshments

12.2 Ensembles showcase

– Everything is ticking along, will be able to focus on it more after this weekend!

13. Booking Requests

– Union awards haven’t replied to El’s response

14. AOB

– Lauren is looking into buying badges for 3 and 5 year commitment to the society

15. Cake Rota

– El

16. A Cappella Song Rota

– Matt chose Utopia by The Sons of Pitches