University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Friday 17th November at 12pm


  • Matthew Belsey – President and Equality Officer
  • Lottie Regan – Publicity Co-ordinator and Suspensions Rep
  • Ella Horne – Musical Admin and Top Note Rep
  • Rhianna Roberts – Pitch Fight Rep
  • James Dempsey – Brizzlebox Rep
  • Mike Blitz – The Tone Rangers Rep

In Attendance:

  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Vice-President and Bristones Rep

1. Apologies

– Beth Davies – Secretary

– Sam Butler – All Sharps Rep

– Cem Rifat – Treasurer and Academy Rep

– Eleanor Leaper – Gigs Co-ordinator

– Natalie Egan – Social Secretary

(Nat turned up when everyone else had left at the end of the meeting)

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Committee is ecstatic at the fact salsa flavoured Doritos ACTUALLY taste like the salsa

3. Treasurer’s Report 

– Cem isn’t here

4. Actions Update

– Things are getting done, a vote was threatened over one of the actions but it’s been settled

– James STILL hasn’t bought membership!

– Ella is at the end of her tether

– ‘What is a tether?’ – Lauren 2k17

– Committee concludes it’s like a rope

– Lottie’s Dad phoned and she rejected him

– Apparently he’s coming to Bristol on Thursday and wants a ‘big night’

– James thought the billing address when buying things online was the address of his bank…

– ‘I actually don’t know how you haven’t died of dysentery yet’ – Rhi to James

– James proceeds to google dysentery

– Committee decides to begin organising show photographers and videographers more ahead of time


  • El message Harry Plowden about photographing Xmas Show


  • El find host for Xmas Show


  • Rhi download Trello app

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– They had their photo shoot woo

– They’re really edgy photos

– Their ICCA video has been submitted

– They’ve started learning their ICCA songs which is hype

– James thought the songs in the submission video were from their set list, even though they had been rehearsing their actual songs lol

5.2. Pitch Fight

– They’ve also filmed their ICCA video but midway through the sad song a door shuts really loudly


5.3. Academy

– They’ve submitted their ICCA video too

– Apparently it’s really good

5.4. All Sharps

– Lauren can confirm Sam is alive as of Wednesday night

5.5 Bristones

– They have started their Xmas song which is really cheesy – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

5.6. Brizzlebox

– There were two people at rehearsal woo!

– ‘You know it’s bad when James Dempsey’s organising your life’ – Matthew 2k17

5.7 Top Note

– They had to cancel rehearsal on Thursday as Beth couldn’t do it

– Matthew and Ella are sorting things

5.8 Tone Rangers

– The Christmas medley sounds epic

– Matthew is happy because the T1s get to sing ‘stay now’ from Stay Another Day

6. Voice fest entry payment

– Cem asked how payment for VFUK is happening

– The answer is that they are going to have to busk to pay for it


  • Pitch Fight and Academy to busk to get money for VFUK

7. CHH Xmas Ball

– CHH JCR messaged Matthew about a possible performance singing carols and Christmas pop songs at their Christmas ball on 9th December

– Committee would like one of the groups to do it

– Rhi is going to ask Pitch Fight

– Academy could possibly also do it to split up the amount of songs the groups have to learn, then both groups could earn some money towards VFUK

– Otherwise maybe an ad hoc group could perform


  • Rhi ask Pitch Fight about CHH gig

8. ICCA mic practice 

– Matthew was thinking it might be worth trying to get some mic practice in when we have the mics for the Xmas concert to help prepare for the ICCAs

– Committee thinks this is a really good idea


  • Matthew sort out ICCA mic practice

9. Facebook events and when they need to come out

– There are a lot of events coming up that need facebook events making for

– The karaoke needs to go out first, then the big Christmas show, then the 7th Dec gig

– ‘El doesn’t need to be drunk for it to be a shambles’ – Lottie 2k17

– The karaoke event will come out today, then Sunday for Xmas Show, then 7th Dec one on 1st Dec


  • Matthew and El meet with STA

10. Christmas show publicity

– Lauren suggests having Xmas Show banners to go along the bottom of our profile pictures


  • Lottie create Xmas Show profile pic banner

11. £100 per group thang

– To claim back ICCA submission fees groups need to use the eXpense365 app

12. Membership


  • Beth create membership spreadsheet


  • Beth update auditioned groups membership grid


  • Beth get group reps to chase memberships

13. Upcoming Events

13.1 Ensembles showcase

– It’s on Tuesday!


  • Nat post pizza order form on event on Sunday

– Everyone encourage members to go

13.2 Rag Karaoke

– The event is now up!

13.3 7th December balloon bar gig

– It’s happening

14. Booking Requests

14.1 CU gig request – 11th Dec at 7.30pm

– They want Mary Did You Know performed

– If a group does the CHH gig, they could arrange this song then perform it at this

15. AOB

15.1 Christmas Songs

– Committee need to check none of the groups are singing the same Xmas song at the Xmas Show

– Tone Rangers – Medley of Amazingness – Stay Another Day, Santa Baby, Christmas Lights and Step Into Christmas

– Bristones – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

– Suspensions – (Possibly) Merry Christmas Everyone

– Pitch Fight – Carol of the Bells

– All Sharps, Top Note, Academy and Brizzlebox all have no idea

– That went well

– Matthew is playing gangsta Christmas songs and it’s hilarious

16. Cake Rota

– Ella

17. A Cappella Song Rota

– Lauren chose Nor’Easters – Carol of the Bells (it sounds remarkably like Writing’s On The Wall)