University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Thursday 30th November at 1pm


  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Vice-President and Bristones Rep
  • Cem Rifat – Treasurer and Academy Rep
  • Eleanor Leaper – Gigs Co-ordinator
  • Ella Horne – Musical Admin and Top Note Rep
  • Rhianna Roberts – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Mike Blitz – The Tone Rangers Rep
  • James Dempsey – Brizzlebox Rep

In Attendance:

  • Beth Davies – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Sam Butler – All Sharps Rep

– Matthew Belsey – President and Equality Officer

– Natalie Egan – Social Secretary

– Lottie Regan – Publicity Co-ordinator and Suspensions Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– There are only 6 committee members present so El suggests we have a new 6 legged animal mascot. Lauren asks if anyone has any aversions to crabs.. lol

– Everyone read the minutes yay

3. Treasurer’s Report 

– Cem researched into the sub-accounts at the union

– The society account is a sub-account of the union

– Groups have their own sub-accounts within the union, they are not within the society account

– The TUBBS account could be renamed to either Pitch Fight or Academy to save opening more

– The HotTUBBS account needs its name changing to All Sharps

– The society account currently has around £8000 in but a lot of this needs paying out to groups

4. Actions Update

– Matt has got pizza grease on the Natwest signatories making them probably more redundant than they already are

– Co-opted positions have had some interest, enquiries for positions are still open till 5th Dec

– There are many ongoing actions, Committee are on top of things

– El has found a host for the Christmas show! Probably, if he’s in Bristol, and if not El has backup

– Committee discuss whether it is easy to buy Thatcher’s cider in the north, apparently it’s not on tap, shock horror

– El has 3 ushers for the Christmas show!

– People still need to send El group bios

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– They got into the ICCAS!!

– They’ve started learning their second song for it

– The old MD of Techtonics is coming to their rehearsal on Wednesday!

– They went busking and made £80 in 45 minutes, apparently there was some diva-ing

– (Rhi has arrived and is showing committee her new tattoo)

5.2. Pitch Fight

– Things are going well

– They got into the ICCAs!!

– They need to figure out their setlist (El offers some reassurance that this time last year Suspensions hadn’t sorted theirs either)

– They’re doing a workshop together!

5.3. Academy

– They also got into ICCAs!!

– VoiceFest deadline is January 15th which is before anyone gets back and people are busy now because it’s Christmas so filming another video is proving difficult

– El suggests getting another member to be group rep next term to help nag members in the group so it’s not only Cem attempting to organise everything

5.4. All Sharps

– Sam isn’t here, apparently there’s nothing exciting to report

5.5 Bristones

– They are doing a very cheesy Christmas song

– The bassline in it is amazing

5.6. Brizzlebox

– They had a rehearsal with all the members!

– It was only an hour instead of two but they’re halfway through 2 songs

– James isn’t telling committee what the song is

– (He just had to google what conformation means..)

5.7 Top Note

– The group is restarting in January and has stopped rehearsals for this term

5.8 Tone Rangers

– ‘We are sounding fucking sick’ – Mike 2k17

– ‘Felix is a god among peasants’ – El

– El is very happy that Felix is from Hull, Mike thinks this means his God status should be revoked

6. Society Cut of Gigs

– (Rhi wants James to only communicate via beatboxing for the rest of the meeting)

– This discussion is picking up from the AoB brought up last week

– Matt wants to give the groups 100% of the gigs money they earn

– His argument is that the society gets enough money from memberships, whole society gigs and mic hire; plus the groups already owe the society money so taking more money from them seems unfair

– However the society does act like an agency for groups and gives them more exposure to get gigs than they could alone

– This means the society does fulfil a service to groups and could be justified in claiming a cut from the gigs

– Mike would like to revote on the split as it wasn’t in the agenda last week meaning members were not informed it would be discussed and couldn’t make any points

– Committee agree it being an AoB means last week’s vote isn’t binding

– The 80:20 split does seem fair until the payment is low, around £100, when taking £20 doesn’t leave the groups with very much

– There could be a system whereby under a certain amount the society takes less of a cut, and over that amount they take 20%. i.e. the cut is relative depending on the payment


  • Mike create a proposal for graded contributions


  • Cem create a report of income for the past 3 years to see how much the society gets from difference sources

– This will be brought up again at the next meeting when committee have more information

7. Mics

– The society can’t get any more of the same mics as the licensing doesn’t allow more mics on the same frequency

– Committee aren’t entirely sure how it all works and are looking into it

– El has a bullet journal and is showing committee how it works

– ‘It has so much freedom’- El

– She has a naughty list of all sexual exploits

– ‘Is it since last week?’ – Rhi

– Rhi now scours the list for people she knows

– So far no one

8. Busking Amp

– The 2 mics and the charging cable for the busking amp have gone missing

– El thought it was left at someone’s house but it hasn’t been found

– The charger can be bought separately but the microphones come with the amp so the whole thing would have to be replaced

– Wired mics could be bought to use with the amp as a temporary solution

– (Cem has arrived)


  • Matt sort the missing amp and mics

9. Mic Practice

– The Winston Theatre is available Monday and Tuesday from 5pm, and on Wednesday from 1pm in the last week of term

– The soundcheck for the Christmas show and mic practice can be on the Wednesday

10. Ball Update

– Nat isn’t here

– Apparently things were happening earlier in the week

– It’s uni policy that societies can’t use external catering which is creating problems

11. Ensembles Showcase Videos


  • Lottie upload the videos

– Mike wants committee’s performance of Aladdin to cut out when we all go out of tune

– Lauren suggests a disclaimer to explain committee were doing it ‘ironically’

12. Time of Meetings

– Lauren and Matt have mentioned that having meetings during the day is often inconvenient and evenings would be a better time

– Committee have said evening’s are often inconvenient as people have work or plans or rehearsals

– It would improve attendance to have a fixed slot for meetings every week so committee could create plans around this and know to keep it free

– 10am-12pm on a Saturday has been proposed as a weekly slot for next term

– Cem is sharing his problems with committee

– Apparently Academy are being very difficult to organise and take ages to respond to things

– ‘ You can write this down because I know for a fact no one in Academy will read this’ – Cem

– Lauren has messaged the committee group to determine whether people can make this time

– Lauren wasn’t aware you could create a poll within a group message

– Committee are not being helpful with their responses

13. Upcoming Events

13.1 Rag Karaoke

– Group reps have told their members about it, everyone come it’ll be hilarious

– Two Illuminations are staying in Lauren’s bed afterwards.. (Lauren won’t be in it)

13.2 Christmas Meal

– Nat isn’t here to discuss this

– The event needs to be publicised more

– Someone has bought 2 tickets, committee will check if this was intentional

– Dempsey has only selected a dessert option.. genius

13.3 7th December balloon bar gig

– The 3 mics that were previously promised are being used for the alumni gig so are not available for the balloon bar gig

– Cem will check this as we were told society would be able to use them

– Society can use their own mics it would just involve organising the setting up


  • Cem check what mics are available from STA


  • El sort out a vague setlist

13.4 Christmas Concert

– There is lots of wooing coming from committee members

– ‘This is the most unorganised I’ve been so far’ – El

– Out of context quote from El- ‘I have mates’

14. Booking Requests

– Philip Lawson has contacted the society offering clinician / arranging help


  • A combination of Matt and Lauren (Mauren) contact Phillip to ask how much he charges

15. AOB

– El didn’t have a shower this morning

– Cem is having pres at his at 8.30pm tonight, all are invited

– He’s pretending he has friends for his mate that is visiting

15.1 Invoicing the society

– Rhi is asking how to make an invoice, committee have advised

15.2 Busking for charity

– Someone is asking (via El) for groups to busk on any weekend before the end of term for charity

– Groups are already going busking for themselves so would be committing to more time

– (Committee is now being shown the naked calendar photos – they are amazing everyone should buy it)

16. Cake Rota

– Mike

17. A Cappella Song Rota

– El chose Dirty Work by All The Kings Men