University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Tuesday 27th February at 3pm


  • Matthew Belsey – President
  • Cem Rifat – Treasurer
  • Eleanor Leaper – Gigs Co-ordinator
  • Lottie Regan – Publicity Co-ordinator and Suspensions Rep
  • Ella Horne – Musical Admin and Top Note Rep
  • Olivia Witts – Equality Officer
  • Rhianna Roberts – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Sam Butler – All Sharps Rep
  • Mike Blitz – The Tone Rangers Rep
  • Catt Hurman – Pitch Fight Member

In Attendance:

  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Vice-President and Bristones Rep

1. Apologies

– James Dempsey – Brizzlebox Rep

– Beth Davies – Secretary

– Natalie Egan – Social Secretary

– Edward Walker – Academy Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Everyone read them

3. Treasurer’s Report 

– Cem might not be coming because he has a seminar but it might not be happening because of the strikes

– Once all the ball money has gone out we should have about £3,300

– Cem is now here

4. Actions Update

– Lauren is outraged that Trello was meddled with when she wasn’t at the meeting last time

– Stuff has needed to be done for a long, long time

– Committee wants to contact Philip Schofield to see when he’s available to come in lol

– Matthew has set an ultimatum for El to find a venue for the Spring Concert

– She will be kicked out of the Society apparently :p

– There are discussions over investing in the society mascot

– Sam wants to invest money so he can name the octopus… like paying to have a bench named after him!

– Interest is increasing from committee to join this scheme

– 8 investors could mean a plaque on each leg

– Cem wants to cut the octopus’ legs off and give one to each group then the committee gets to keep the severed body… lovely

– Rhi is offending Sam by saying his name is not even a human name, never mind an octopus’ name! :O

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– They are going over non-ICCA stuff for the Tritone gig at the end of March (i.e. A Night In Maroon)

– Their last song of the year is Faith by Stevie Wonder and Arianna Grande… that classic combination

– They are having pancakes tomorrow night

– ‘No-one’s welcome’ – Lottie

– Cem is throwing shade at Rhi

– Hush Hush music video is happening!

5.2. Pitch Fight

– ‘Why has no-one cracked into the log yet?’ – Lottie

– They are performing twice at International Women’s Day and also CLIC, all on the same day!

– None of it’s paid tho lol bants

– This Is Me video came out at the weekend!

– It’s really cheesy!

5.3. Academy

– They got merch woo!

– It looks cool

– They posted their Sky video which got a good response

– They had another social yesterday

– They have shares in the White Rabbit apparently

– They have a new social sec!

– They’re trying to learn new songs for their repertoire

– They’re getting on with ICCA prep

5.4. All Sharps

– They’re learning a Beatles song

– They had a gig that was cancelled on the day which is very very annoying

5.5. Bristones

– Generally everything is going well but today’s rehearsal is cancelled because the AMM is happening during their regular booking

– They would have had to rehearse in the depths of Drama, plus it’s reading week for some, plus some people have gone home because of the strikes

5.6. Brizzlebox

– They have 2 new members after auditions!

– Lottie and Matthew attempt to do an impression of one of the beatboxers

– It doesn’t go well

– Lauren tries to record it for the minutes using the dictation tool on her laptop which doesn’t go well

– Lottie tries but fails and all it gets is ‘oh no’ at the end

5.7. Top Note

– No rehearsal last week because of the ball

5.8. Tone Rangers

– No rehearsal last week because of the ball

6. Whiffenpoofs

– They are a very old a cappella group in the US

– They recently identified as a TTBB group instead of an all-male group to allow women to join

– Do Academy and Pitch Fight want to do this kind of thing or remain all-male and female-identifying?

– As Equality Officer, Liv thinks Academy should be male-identifying rather than all-male

– Other members of committee agree, though Cem does not think it is necessary

– It might be worthwhile doing this so future members do not feel they cannot join the group


  • Cem/Ed ask Academy if they want to be male-identifying or all-male

7. ICCA travel

– The SU National Express deal would be cheaper than hiring a coach

8. ICCA grant/s

– Matthew has sent off a grant application for another mic practice and there should hopefully be a bit of money left over to pay for the flights of the people leaving the ski trip early

– *Cem has a diva strop and storms out of the meeting*

9. Refreshments Coordinator position

– This is a co-opted position from when the Society was TUBBS and concerts happened in churches, so wine etc had to be brought in by the society for intervals

– This position also bought biscuits for during rehearsal breaks, but Bristones now has its own Biscuit Master

– As Society concerts are now very much more often than not in theatres that have bars, this role is a bit redundant

– Committee decides it’s not necessary anymore (sad times)

10. Tone Rangers rep

– Mike has been absent from meetings for a while

– He is going to look for a new rep

– El can smell Calvin Klein One but can’t identify where it’s coming from

– Other groups should look for new reps soon if current reps are leaving committee/graduating

11. Teach tracking equipment

– Raf has asked if the committee could buy teach tracking equipment for the society to use since some groups use Raf’s for example

– Some MDs have bought it themselves or got it for Xmas/birthdays

– It’s around £200 in total

– The individual groups should probably buy their own since having one for the whole society would be a nightmare as everyone would still have to go round to one person’s house to use it

12. Ball Reflection

– It was fun!

– Everyone had a good time!

– It cost the society £640

– Matt got into Lounge for free because he just walked confidently in lololol

– The awards were bants

– Matthew left his baguette so it’ll probs be mouldy by now

– The band was really good!

13. Pitch Fight Music Video

– They are going to have a meeting about the plan for it

– It really has to happen since they got a grant for it

14. Aca-Ceilidh

– There is much interest for one

– It would probably be in the spring/summer

15. Equality Survey

– Liv needs to do one soon

– She is going to do one soon

16. Announcing AGM

– It is going to be on 24th April

– It must be announced 2 weeks in advance

– The deadline for nominations is 1 week before

– We should let people know at least during the holidays that it’s coming up to give them time to think about running

– A facebook event will be created on Saturday 17th March so every group has a rehearsal before the holidays where it can be plugged/explained


  • Lottie create AGM event on 17th March for 24th April


  • Elected committee update handover document

– (Don’t change the headings in the contents page)


  • Cem get photo of himself as a pirate for handover doc

17. Upcoming Events

17.1. Spring Concert

– El needs to bring more to the table :p

17.2. Glitter Social Part 2

– Committee want there to be another glitter social to OMG in the last week of term

– Plz Nat <3

18. Booking Requests

19. AOB

19.1. Mic Practice

– Hopefully it can be on a Tuesday again

– This would give Bristones a chance to practise as well


  • All group reps ask availability for 13th and 20th of March for mic practice ASAP

– Catt thanks Committee for letting her attend the meeting

20. Cake Rota

– Sam

21. A Cappella Song Rota

– Belt Up and Pitch Fight etc’s This Is Me video