University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting– Tuesday 1st May at 8pm


  • Natalie Egan – President and Pitch Fight Rep
  • Catt Hurman – Treasurer
  • Ben Harwood – Vice President
  • Robbie Armstrong – Social Secretary
  • Kaylan Patel – Social Secretary
  • Jessica Petrassi – Gigs Co-ordinator
  • Rachael Mailer – Publicity Co-ordinator
  • Thomas Brennan – Musical Admin
  • Laura Wethearby – Top Note Rep
  • Matthew Belsey – Outgoing President
  • Lauren Garner Jackson – Outgoing Vice President
  • Beth Davies – Outgoing Secretary
  • Cem Rifat – Outgoing Treasurer
  • Lottie Regan – Outgoing Publicity Co-ordinator and Suspensions Rep
  • Olivia Witts – Outgoing Equality Officer
  • Ella Horne – Outgoing Musical Admin

In Attendance:

  • Rosie Boyce – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Eleanor Leaper – Outgoing Gigs Co-ordinator

– Ed Walker – Outgoing Academy Rep

– James Dempsey – Brizzlebox Rep

– Sam Butler – Outgoing All Sharps Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Read by all

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Cem is not here

– Cem still has not done the handover, Catt has blocked him on Facebook

– Catt has done her training

4. Actions Update

– Everyone has made a Trello account

– Cem has arrived – Lauren ‘I can’t even look at you without thinking about that video’

– Lauren just realised that Ben is colour blind and Trello works on colour

– Matt NatWest signatories – he went to do it and they had lost the forms. Matt going to go back in and see what is going on with that 

– We have solved the colour blind problem

– Lottie now has access to the society YouTube and is able to post videos

– Octopus is now finished 

– Update website – in progress, some issues with dates highlighted to Robbie

– Handover document has been updated 

– Cem is being sarcastic as usual, Catt is exasperated with him 

– Cem is now threatening to remain treasurer forever and not do a handover

– Ceilidh is a very popular idea. There is the issue of when to place it after exams, committee considering running it in September instead 

– Upload ball photo booth album – Nat needs to be forced into doing it. If she doesn’t upload them by tomorrow it is agreed that she must down the dirty vase at the social. Cem is worried that she will die. It is established that if Nat dies Ben will become President.

– Ben gets a round of applause for his first actions update 

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– Busy promoting their show for this weekend (buy tickets!)

– Did some campus busking yesterday

– Cem was talking and got told to shush by Nat

– Supported Aquapella on Sunday 

– Singing in the middle of nowhere at an a cappella festival  

– They also had auditions for their Fringe show! They have a lovely new girl from Cardiff

– ‘Aww that’s so nice for the South West’ – Nat 

5.2. Pitch Fight

– Filmed a song yesterday for a fundraiser

– Cancelled rehearsal on Friday – Nat still went to the room

– Things are fairly chilled; a bit of fringe planning has been happening

5.3. Academy

– Cem doesn’t know what they’ve done

– Putting together their ‘biggest set ever’ for suspensions gig on Sunday

– They are excited to do something different to their ICCAs set

– Shooting a music video on the 8th May

– It’s a secret song – oooooh

– Cem also said the fringe meeting was very civil 

– Academy also have a new member – Liam 

5.4. All Sharps

– Sam is not here

5.5. Bristones

– Katie auditioned for MD today, it has been filmed 

– Left rehearsal early and went to the pub for pizza

5.6. Brizzlebox

– Dempsey is not here

5.7. Top Note

– Laura, the new group rep is here

– Started a new song this week 

– Nat needs to add Laura to Facebook group

5.8. Tone Rangers

– Haven’t had rehearsal for a while

– They are having one this week so will see how it goes

6. Mascot Name

– Everyone loves the mascot

– Cem suggested ‘aca-topus’ 

– Sam was going to pay for it and name it 

– Octa-pella seems to be more popular amongst committee

– Nat thinks it is too soon for a vote

– Committee decide to make a poll for the whole society 


  • Nat make a google form for people to vote on

7. Room bookings

– A lot of people have been remembering last minute that they aren’t rehearsing

– Groups need to decide in advance especially during exams what is happening and make sure they are cancelled with enough notice

– Reps need to remember that the 24 hour cancellation policy doesn’t apply to weekends, and so bookings must be cancelled earlier 

– It seems like most groups are currently planning to rehearse over exams

– General reminder to everyone to be aware of this issue 

– Suspensions cannot use Victoria Rooms after next week as it is closed for exams; they usually rehearse there Wednesday 5-7

– Generally a fair bit of availability on the booking system

8. Core Committee Year Plans 

– Nat thinks it might be nice to outline some goals that we have for the year in our roles, which gives us something to refer to across the year to see if we are on track

– Then everyone is clear throughout the year who they can go to for certain things 

– Nat thinks it would be good to do this in September time

9. Ceilidh

– Already discussed

10. Handovers 

– Make sure they are done 

– Gigs and Treasurer need to be done

– Lottie and Rachel are doing theirs tomorrow

11. Union Awards

– Deadline for Union Awards nominations is on Friday 

– ‘We want more blocks of wood’ – Lauren 

– Would be nice to nominate the society for best society again, and collaboration for BOSW

– Matt wrote about how the concert helped to create a supportive and cohesive a cappella community in the South West. This then made competition season nicer because people were already friends. People in groups not from the SW also came to watch. 

– Nominations are anonymous 

– It is more about what you write than the number of people that do it


  • Committee all to nominate society for Union Awards

12. MD Selections for un-auditioned groups

– Katie auditioned today for Bristones

– She is looking to do Top Note as well if nobody else runs for it

– A post on the whole members page would be good to encourage people to run for Top Note and Tone Rangers MD 

– Ayala from All Sharps possibly interested – turns out she is MD for All Sharps 

– Need a panel for the MD selection:  Nat, 2 x MDs from other groups, Music Admin, 3 x members of unauditioned groups

– Nat to post on the MDs page to gauge interest for that. Making a group to organise the panel meeting 

– MD for Tone Rangers is going to be a difficult one

– Could be someone externally, doesn’t have to be a lower voice

13. Bringing back our Instagram

– Good idea if the reps all had access to the society Instagram as well as their individual ones

– Rachel thinking of asking the group reps to ask their groups who would like to run the Instagram 

– Might be good to give them an idea of how much to post 

– Rachel thinks it should be more focused on the unauditioned groups

– Nat worries that having a rule to stop auditioned groups posting would create more of a divide between groups

– Committee agree it should be similar to the facebook page where we promote every single group 

– Suggested to have Instagram posts from auditioned groups reposted on the society Instagram

14. Ensembles Showcase 

– Committee all want to run this as planned

– Lauren suggested 6th June, some of committee worry this is too late after exams 

– Nat suggested that we have a picnic singing event 

– Robbie suggested combining this with the end of exams BBQ, as then people will come for food 

– ‘Just do it on the downs or something’ – Matt

– Kaylan suggests Goldney Gardens as they run plays there in the summer anyway 

– Kaylan going to ask the warden about this as he knows him 

– Committee discuss the possibility of circulating some music to all groups to sing together 

15. Union Website 

– Matt noted that a picture of TUBBS was still on there

– Committee list also needs updating

– Committee all blame Dan for how complicated it is 

– ‘Imagine in 10 years a group of people we don’t know talking about Dan Mailer’ – Nat

16. Concert videos 

– Committee discuss how to allow access to the concert videos

– Suggestion of uploading unlisted on YouTube, however this could affect quality

– Dan promised to do some FREE mixing


  • Rachel to upload them to a shared drive so they can be checked by reps

17. Committee Fest 

– The SU started this last year and put on a lot of workshops in the first week of June to help with committee roles

– Lauren encourages us all to go, and mentions there is free food!

– Committee have to sign up to them on the SU website – booking closes 29th May

– Lauren emphasises these are actually very helpful 

18. Upcoming Events

18.1 Last Committee Meeting Social 

– Rules will be posted after meeting

– Committee reminded to bring plates

18.2 Suspensions Concert

– Cem wants people to go on the Sunday 

– Lauren seems to be the only one going on Saturday

 – Nat cannot go – everyone is very sad. Her 21st birthday celebration is this weekend. She is still considering coming back early on Sunday to watch the show.

– Nat criticised my minutes 

19. Booking Requests

19.1 MayFest 

– Requested for a group to sing for them and they can pay us back in favours 

– Doesn’t seem like the type of thing our groups do

– Committee agree to share their post on Facebook 

19.2 Arts Space Life

 – Unpaid and throughout the summer

– Unlikely that any groups will be available to do it

20. AOB

20.1 Facebook messenger 

– Committee to leave messages to Rosie 

– Don’t open them or we get a bad response time 

20.2  SU video request

– Matt got an email from Nicola from the SU – wants to show some of our videos at the SU awards, and maybe use in the welcome vids.


  • Rachel to send some video to the SU

20.3 Email and social media 

– Email forwarding needs to be set up ASAP – get rid of the old people and put the new people on

– Old committee members need to take themselves out of the groups and the pages 

– Committee reminded to make sure not to like/comment on pages as the society 

– Catt making new committee a snapchat group

20.4 Equality Survey

– The results were overwhelmingly positive, apart from one person (out of 47). 

– Liv has posted the report on the website and asks that people read it.


  • Liv to share on the members group

20.5 Digitising Music

– Committee discusses what to do with the physical copies of sheet music once digitised

– ‘It’s such nice paper’ – Nat

– Committee decided leave 3 or 4 copies of each piece once digitised. 

20.6 Nick’s Invoice

– Nick planning to invoice the society £100 for costs from the Sky Show last summer 

– Nat going to speak to Nick and committee will discuss in more detail next week.

20.7 Voice Fest claim

– SU have said the society will have to bear the cost

– Nat going to try one last time to fix the issue

20.8 White T-shirt Social Pictures 

– Cem warns not to post pictures from the White T Shirt social in case you have damaging messages about other groups 

20.9 Cem and Bryan’s new group

– The only requirement is you must be from the ends. 

– Current name ideas are Ends-cappella, or Cappel-ends.

– Recruiting for a sop and a bass from the ends.

21. Cake Rota 

– Nat

22. A Cappella Song Rota

– As a special treat this week, instead of a song, we have Cem’s TV debut on CBBC