University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Wednesday 3rd October at 7pm


  • Natalie Egan – President
  • Catt Hurman – Treasurer
  • Robbie Armstrong – Social Secretary
  • Thomas Brennan – Musical Admin and Tone Rangers Rep
  • Jessica Petrassi – Gigs Co-ordinator and Bristones Rep
  • Rachael Mailer – Publicity Co-ordinator
  • Ben Allen – All Sharps Rep
  • Ellie Clark – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Laura Weatherby – Top Note Rep

In Attendance:

  • Rosie Boyce – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Ben Harwood – Vice President and Suspensions Rep

– Kaylan Patel – Social Secretary

– Liam Carty-Howe – Academy Rep

– Ayala Gottlieb Alter – All Sharps Rep

– Mosef Aq – Brizzlebox Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Read by all

3. Treasurer’s Report

– Catt went to the SU today and there is money missing from our account that shouldn’t be

– The last time she went was only a month ago, so the money hasn’t been spent, and money that has been paid in hasn’t showed up on the transaction report  

– Catt is chasing this up with the SU to be sorted out


  • Catt to continue following this up

4. Actions Update

– Nat make MD group chat – done

– Academy handovers – done

– Chase up taster session venue – done

– Order flyers – done

– Put committee on list for SU lockers – ongoing

– Get new committee members on Trello – ongoing

– Mosef look into WordPress – done

– Message Ben Smith about BOSW sound – done

– Group reps talk to current members about taster session – done

– Group reps ask members about 6th October gig – done

5. Group Reps’ Report

5.1. Suspensions

– Their auditions started today

– They are currently happening, they have had 10 people so far

– They’ve just turned down a gig as they didn’t have enough people to commit to it 

– They had a performance yesterday at the taster session, they smashed it

5.2. Pitch Fight

– They’ve planned their strategy for first term

– They’ve also had to turn down a gig

– They have also decided their Christmas song, but Catt insists it is a surprise 

– They released a video from Fringe this week

– Auditions start tomorrow 

– They currently don’t have a venue for their call backs next week

5.3. Academy

– They released some fringe footage this week

– Their auditions are this weekend 

5.4. All Sharps

– They had a performance yesterday at the taster session and were


– They have auditions this weekend

– There has been lots of interest, and a lot of people have signed up

5.5. Bristones

– They have their first rehearsal on Monday

5.6. Brizzlebox

– They have a taster session coming soon

5.7. Top Note

– First rehearsal is next Monday

5.8. Tone Rangers

– First rehearsal is next Monday

6. Brizzlebox Taster 

– The Brizzlebox Taster Session is next Wednesday at 2pm

– We have a week left to spark interest for this 

– Committee decide it would be good to advertise it in the Vic Rooms

– Committee also discuss inviting people from other music related societies 


  • Nat talk to Dempsey and Mo about this 

7. Freshers Socials 

– We have our first social next Wednesday 

– The MTB social last Wednesday at OMG had a massive line so Kaylan has contacted OMG to see if they can do anything for us

– The current plan is to go a bit earlier than last week so we don’t have to wait for so long

– Robbie & Kaylan are waiting to make families after everyone has got into groups so they can distribute people nicely across families 

8. Acceptance process for groups

– All Sharps, Pitch Fight, Academy & Suspensions need to sync up their offer emails so that they all go out at the same time

– All waiting list emails also need to be synced 

– This would ensure that the groups all have equal opportunity to recruit their first-choice members

– We also want to add a line to all emails to prevent people accepting places in two competitive groups, due to some of the competition issues experienced last year

-Committee decide it should read ‘If you have been offered places in two competitive groups, we ask that you only accept one to avoid clashes and complications in competitions’

9. Families

– Robbie & Kaylan to share the family sign up doc on the society page, and Nat will include it on the email

– There are currently 46 children signed up

– We also have 11 sets of parents 

– Committee talk about the first family social maybe being something where there was less of an emphasis on drinking, potential a meal or a group activity 

– There is a suggestion of bowling, but concerns on whether we could find somewhere big enough, and cost potentially discouraging people from coming

10. Wikipedia 

– Looking at the UK A Cappella Wikipedia page, it still has the old names 


  • Catt to update this

11. Improv Request on Facebook

– Improv society have asked us to room swap with them

– They assumed it would be better for us to have Stacy 6-8 on a Monday but this doesn’t work for us

– We have told Harry to get in touch with Nat to discuss this properly 


  • Nat to talk to Harry 


13. AOB

13.1 Taster Session

– It was really good fun!

– There was a fantastic turnout, the room was packed

– Committee especially enjoyed when Evie said ‘lady parts’

– Jess’s cakes were AMAZING

13.2 Membership

– Catt has fixed the issue on the SU website where you couldn’t buy 2018/19 membership

13.3 Photo Challenge


  • Everyone on committee find a photo of themselves from 2011 and show it to the rest of committee

14. Cake Rota


15. A Cappella Song Rota

Havana from Taster Session