University of Bristol A Cappella Society Committee Meeting – Wednesday 21st September at 6pm


  • Dan Mailer – President
  • Joe Pickin – Vice-President and Suspensions Rep
  • Matthew Belsey – Treasurer
  • Justine Laurain – Musical Admin
  • Helen Frawley – Publicity Co-ordinator
  • Jess Kim – Social Secretary
  • Nathalie Perthuisot – Pitch Fight Rep
  • Nicolas Audinet – Academy Rep
  • Sam Butler – HotTUBBS Rep
  • Iain Hallam – Mixed Chorus Rep
  • Karen Lillywhite – Upper Voices Rep
  • Eleanor Barton – Mixed Chorus and HotTUBBS MD

In Attendance:

  • Lauren Garner-Jackson – Secretary

1. Apologies

– Tash Orchant – Gigs Co-ordinator

– Tristan Bradshaw – Lower Voices Rep

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

– Committee is pumped to start the new year!

– Daniel is yet to read the previous minutes so Lauren cries

3. Treasurer’s Report 

– Matthew got a summary of the accounts but because everything is being put online, we’re waiting on a few updates

– Matthew cannot read and does not know how much we have

– The Union may have taken down some of our figures wrong, thinking it was our balance, not what we wanted to claim for last year in transport grants etc

– Susps still owes the society about £1500 that they borrowed for Fringe venues but committee is still confused as to where our money has gone


  • Matthew to sort out our financials

– Claim forms can be approved online now by Dan and Matthew, but it appears Lauren has lost her right to approve forms so she’s sad

4. Actions Update

– Stuff has been done!

5. Group Reps’ Report

– If possible, a Fringe Masterclass could be a good idea if several groups are going to the Fringe to help those new to it, with those with experience of organising it giving advice

5.1 Suspensions

– Fringe was great, they sold out lots of shows and got money from it

– Arrangements are sorted for this year

– Auditions are sorted for this weekend

– Fringe is already booked for week 3 at Space Triplex

– They are aiming for a US tour

– They are planning on sending out a mass email to societies to encourage them to book Susps for balls etc

– They are not doing VFUK but are doing ICCAs woop woop

5.2 Pitch Fight

– Two arrangements have been sorted so far

– Connie is currently arranging more songs

– They are aiming for ICCAs and VFUK

– They are aiming to do their own gigs and more busking this year

– They are also hoping to make more music videos

5.3 Academy

– They are re-auditioning everyone apart from Group Rep and MDs

– They are aiming for the Fringe in the summer

– They want to get a few songs ready for concerts

– They are going to see if the group can arrange songs amongst themselves during rehearsals

– They are not sure how big the group is going to be yet – they will audition people then see

– Nick is looking at about 7 people

5.4 HotTUBBS

– They are aiming for the Fringe next summer

– Teach tracks and arrangements are on the way

– Auditions are only on one day at the moment due to room bookings, which is a bit limited, so they want to plan another day too

– They need to get an audition event out on Facebook


– The Upper Voices have Closest Thing To Crazy, You Give Love A Bad Name, and Merry Christmas Everyone ready, all with teach tracks

– Over Christmas, Karen is going to arrange some more music

– Karen is ready for the term!

– Linda from GWC might come in to a rehearsal to go over her CTTC arrangement with UV

– There are discussions over where teach tracks should be shared from – OneDrive or Google Drive – the reps will discuss

– TUBBS is working towards an intersociety concert, hopefully with Big Band and Revs, and a possible collaboration with local choruses in the second term

– 6th May is the 10 year anniversary concert

– They are looking to do a CD

– They are also looking to do the Fringe

– A Harmony Explosion type event would be good for late June/early July

– They need new TUBBS photos

– Music is in various states of ready

– Eleanor’s teach tracks are done and the music is ready to print

– Lower Voices is not represented here so we are trying to call Nick to see what is going on

– Karen is on the phone to Nick so Lauren is having to interpret what she’s saying for the minutes

– LV music is sorted, but not sent to Justine to print yet

– Nick’s arranged one of the pieces himself

– Teach tracks are done for one of the pieces

– He has ideas for next term’s music

– Helen is taking drugs (of the medicinal kind) and Matthew’s excited that they’re pink

– Iain has created a Google Sheet with relevant dates that committee thinks should be made available to the whole society

6. Freshers Fair

– Helen has printed off lots of stuff for the board

– Helen and Joe are going to go and set up tomorrow

– The sign up sheet could be a Google Doc which updates on all devices, which would make Lauren’s life a lot easier, and then use people’s phone data as personal hotspots

– If it’s not very reliable, there is a spreadsheet on Dropbox that everyone can use instead

– Several things could go wrong but hey ho!


  • Lauren to make Google Form and Dan to make it pretty

– Flyers will be ready at 11am tomorrow

– Committee needs to push the fact that TUBBS is for everyone, not just for those who can’t get into the auditioned groups

– Also, we need to push the fact that beatboxers are welcome, as well as people who are into doing tech

– Committee needs to push the taster session and say there will be cake

– Sweets should go on the table

– We need to tell existing members about the auditions


  • All group reps to draft an email and send to Dan to send to those interested in their auditions

7. Structure of Taster Session

– It would be good for all MDs to be involved in some capacity

7.1 Warms Ups


  • Dan to make a post on the Society MDs’ group about who’s doing warm ups/what they are/who’s running each section

7.2 Songs

– It would be good to learn an entire song in the session

– Bang Bang would be good – it’s in SATB and has no solos

– Iain has an arrangement of Thinking Out Loud

– Eleanor has some really easy arrangements that could be learned quickly

– Committee decides on Bang Bang

Vote to do the start of a TUBBS song and the whole of one other song

– Yes – 10

– No – 1

– Abstain – 1

– The general outline of the taster session will be warms ups, then part of a TUBBS song (I’m A Believer), then Bang Bang

– Returning members should be encouraged to come to the Taster Session so there are people there who know what they’re doing

– The busking amp would be useful so people can hear what’s going on, though we’re not allowed to bring equipment into the Great Hall

– A performance would be good to show off what the Society has on offer, and HotTUBBS could feasibly perform one of their SATB songs


  • Sam to get the band back together

– Everyone bring cake!!! 

– We could go to Spoons after since it’s across the road from WMB

– White Hart would be better


  • Jess to talk to White Hart


  • Joe to send Justine the music for Bang Bang

8. Storage

– The busking amps are currently in Matthew’s garage so we’re not sure if they’re insured

– Mics etc need adding to the equipment list at the Union


  • Dan to email Union to add the equipment to list

– We have no more space in the lockers for things like the mics which are currently in the Winston

9. Auditioned Groups One Member Policy

– Should auditioned group members only belong to one auditioned group?

– Commitment was an issue last year as there was a lot of overlap between groups, e.g. Susps members were more committed to Susps than Academy

– We should definitely have an aca-council to decide who goes into which group, Sing It On style!

– It might be unfair for those who do lots outside of a cappella but are only in one group in the society

– Dan believes that a balance can be made between different societies, but it’s more difficult within our society

– It should be made clear how much of a commitment each group is at the audition stage

– It could cut off the potential pool of members

– It comes down to loyalty to a group

– Academy and Susps would like to have the one member policy, but it would have to be a whole-society decision, not just certain groups

– Nicolas suggests a system like the aca-council in Sing It On where you use the auditionees’ views to decide where they end up if they audition for more than one group

– If this was implemented, we would have to wait until all auditions had taken place before making member decisions

– We could have a Society version of UCAS to give auditionees their ‘offers’ of different groups and let them decide their preference

– The group reps would send Lauren (as someone impartial) their choices, and she would then get in touch with the auditionees to ask for their choices

– One view is that this system would essentially punish those who are genuinely committed to more than one group

– Pitch Fight saw that those only in their group were on the whole less committed than those in several groups

– MDs would be affected as they couldn’t audition for other groups, which they did not know at the time of being chosen as MD

Vote on implementing the one auditioned group policy

– Yes – 6

– No – 5

– Abstain – 1

– This is the new policy!

10. Paying for Arrangements

– Dan would like to limit the number of arrangements each group pays for but this is not going to be discussed fully now

– Karen believes it should be decided on a case by case basis

11. Upcoming Events

11.1 Taster Session

– See above

11.2 Auditions

– See above

11.3 Freshers Bar Crawl/Social

– Jess does not have anything specific lined up yet and she needs to pick a date

– Committee decides on 7pm on Thursday 6th October

12. Booking Requests

12.1 Flashmob

– To be discussed next meeting

12.2 Ronald McDonald

– To be discussed next meeting

13. AOB

13.1 Mics

– We should try to rent out our mics for moolah since we now have 9

– We could send an email to societies letting them know we have the mics to rent out

– The STA will probably recommend us anyway

– The SU has two hand held mics that they will rent out for free though

– Groups accessing the mics – it would be good for the auditioned groups to have opportunities to go into the Winston with Ben from the STA to practice with the mics, which would put them in good stead for ICCAs

– Dan is in the process of filling in an application form to the National Lottery for a grant for the mics and related equipment, which should hopefully be for around £10,000 to £12,000, but this is a long process so we shall see

14. Dream Report 

– Skipped until next week because this meeting has gone on for so long!

15. Cake Rota

– Joe

16. A Cappella Song Rota

– Lauren