Holding in a barrage of unintelligible noises because they’re not appropriate in any professional, academic or social context? Wanting to express your creative side but worried that people’s ears just aren’t ready? We may offer what you need!

  • We’re the Society’s first ever beatboxing and vocal effects group, and one of the first in the UK as well!
  • As the youngest group in the Society, we began in October 2016 and have since created a range of mind-bending covers and original material, spanning every genre imaginable.
  • We fool around with loop pedals, microphones and anything else we can get our hands on.
  • Last year we opened a number of Society concerts and even provided a solid rhythm section for other groups in said concerts, but in the future we hope to become involved in beatboxing competitions and any other opportunities that come our way!
  • We’re a mixed auditioned group with flexible rehearsal times (as we tend to number under half a dozen).

Check us out on Facebook or send us an email at for more information!

Group Rep

Nathan Cave
Nathan CaveGroup Rep