Top Note (Unauditioned)

Top Note is an unauditioned group for the Upper Voice parts; we’re not just a female group though – if you can hit those top notes then anyone is welcome!

  • We sing all kinds of music, including Sia, Disney and Marvin Gaye just to name a few!
  • Our new MD has plans to try some new and different music genres this year and to hopefully introduce solos into our pieces!
  • Top Note is a group for people of all abilities. You are not required to be able to read music as teach tracks are provided and other people are always around to help.
  • We are the first unauditioned group to release a video – check it out below!

Rehearsals: Monday 7-8pm on zoom (Follow the Top Note Page on Facebook for the link each week!)

Have a look at our Facebook page for updates or our YouTube channel to see our video releases! If you have a questions just send us an email at!

Charlie Siret
Charlie SiretCo-Musical Director
Aashna Kaura Bali
Aashna Kaura BaliCo-Musical Director
Hannah Smith
Hannah SmithGroup Rep